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#1 Apply Moisturiser on Damp Skin
Instead of just slapping on body lotions and creams on your skin, do it on towel-dried, damp skin right after your shower as products can be better absorbed when our skin is slightly wet.

#2 Cut Down on Sugar
According to research dermatologist Dr Nicholas Perricone, sugary and starchy foods cause an inflammatory response in the body which accelerates ageing and promote degenerative diseases.

A process known as glycation gets activated when there is excess sugar in our body. When that happens, sugar molecules attach themselves to collagen fibres in our skin, stiffening these fibres.

On the skin surface, glycation appears as premature fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin – greatly reducing skin radiance.

#3 Work Up a Sweat
Not only does regular exercise boost your immunity and tone your muscles, it helps to purge toxins from skin, boosting blood and oxygen circulation for healthier, more radiant skin.

#4 Waxing Works Wonders
Besides removing unwanted hair, waxing for the hands and legs is an alternate exfoliation option that also helps to remove dead skin cells and allow body moisturisers to be better absorbed into skin.

#5 Scrub Weekly 
Once to twice weekly, treat your skin – especially at the knees, elbows and heels – to a thorough scrub.

Not only does this home treatment get rid of dead skin cells on the skin surface, it helps to promote microcirculation for softer and more luminous skin. 

#6 Massage Your Skin
Aside from relieving muscle aches and tensions, body massages stimulate circulation and promote detoxification.


This article was originally published in Simply Her August 2011.