10 benefits of coconut oil

Photograph: 123rf.com / Thi Hong Hanh Mac


We’ve all heard of the wonders of coconut oil and we’ve got 10 more you probably haven’t heard of before! Find out what they are and see why coconut oil is so celebrated:

1. A Hair Mask For Your Dry Hair

Apply a good amount of coconut oil right after you shower and let the goodness soak in for about five minutes. Afterwards, rinse off and you’re good to go!

2. Makeup Remover For Your Face

Coconut oil is great for removing water and oil-based makeup without stripping your skin off its natural moisture! It’s also free of chemicals that won’t harm your skin in the long run.

3. Lip Balm For Your Chapped Lips

Natural and lovely smelling, coconut oil is super moisturising and nourishing. Your chapped lips will heal in no time!

4. Cuticle and Nail Strengthener for Your Nails

Rub some coconut oil over your nails and nail beds to prevent them from going soft and brittle. You can also use coconut oil to soften cuticles making it easier to do a manicure.


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5. Under Eye Cream For Your Fine Lines and Dark Circles

Coconut oil acts as a moisture filler to even out the fine lines around your eyes. What’s even better is that it’s natural and doesn’t have harsh chemicals that could harm the sensitive skin around your eyes.

6. Frizz Tamer For Your Hair

If Singapore’s humid weather is messing with your hair, rub some coconut oil to keep your hair from frizzing up. You also won’t have to worry about your hair drying out because coconut oil is moisturising.

7. Moisturiser For Your Face

Keep the skin on your face a little more hydrated with coconut oil. It’s protective and long-lasting too! Great for when you’re travelling and need instant hydration.

8. Lip Exfoliator for Your Lips

Mix some coconut oil with sugar and you’ve got yourself a delicious lip scrub! Take a pea sized amount and rub on your lips in circular motion. Just try not to eat it while you’re at it.

9. Shaving Cream For Delicate Areas

Coconut oil allows the razor blade to glide pass your skin easily without snagging. Just be sure to use it when your hands are dry so you don’t accidentally nick yourself.

10. Eyelash Conditioner For Your Eyelashes

If you fancy using mascara and fake eyelashes, take note that it’s important to moisturise your natural lashes so they don’t fall off easily. Dab a little coconut oil on cotton bud and apply on eyelashes every night.


This story was originally published on Women’s Weekly.