10 amazing benefits of argan oil for soft skin and smooth hair


Pure argan oil is a powerful nourishing and moisturising oil packed with ultra-hydrating vitamin E, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. It has earned a reputation worldwide as the one of the best dry oils, meaning that it is leaves a non-greasy, matte finish on your hair and skin. Habiba Raffa, founder of Ayelli, which sells pure Moroccan argan oil products, tells us what this ‘liquid gold’ can do.


1 Moisturises and protects 
The vitamin E and essential fatty acids in pure argan oil restore and retain moisture in the skin, keeping it well-hydrated and protecting it damage from environmental pollutants, ultra-violet radiation, and stress. Add a drop of 100 per cent pure argan oil, available at Ayelli, to your primer, BB cream or foundation.


2 Combats wrinkles and firms
Because argan oil is light, non-greasy and non-irritating, and easily absorbed, it is perfect for even acne-prone or sensitive skin. The antioxidants in it prevent free radicals from damaging collagen in the skin. They act as a barrier to slow down the effects of ageing and keep your skin firm. Before bed and after cleansing, gently massage two to three drops onto your face, neck and chest area. 


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3 Improves complexion and combats dark spots 
Argan oil is said to be able to help an uneven skin tone, scars and sunspots, and brighten your skin. It has also been found to help in some skin conditions, such as eczema. 


4 Controls excess sebum
Argan oil contains linoleic acid, which reduces sebum production that causes oily skin. By balancing your skin’s sebum levels, it also reduces acne breakouts.


5 Get healthy, shiny nails
The oil replenishes moisture in your cuticles and softens the skin around your nails. It also boosts nail growth and prevents nails from becoming brittle and breaking. Rub two drops of it on your hands and cuticles every day.


6 Treats and prevents stretch marks 
Argan oil reduces stretch marks and skin discoloration caused by hormonal changes during pregnancy. Every day, rub a few drops on your belly and other body parts prone to stretch marks. It’s said to be safe to use during pregnancy.


7 Restores natural shine
The vitamin E and essential fatty acids nourish and moisturise your hair while antioxidants repair damaged cells and keep your scalp healthy. Use a few drops as a natural leave-in conditioner every day.

8 Tames frizz 
Dry, frizzy hair is a common problem thanks to Singapore’s hot and humid weather. Argan oil locks in moisture to combat frizziness, keeping your tresses smooth and silky.


9 Manages a greasy scalp
Just like skin, your scalp can also produce too much sebum, resulting in oily hair. Linoleic acid in pure argan oil helps regulate sebum production in your scalp.


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10 Fight hair fall and thinning 
The essential fatty acids help improve hair elasticity and strength by guarding against breakage and hair fall.   

Besides applying it to your hair every day, you can use it as a hair mask – rub the oil liberally into your hair and scalp and leave for at least an hour (even overnight) before washing it out. This allows it to penetrate your scalp and hair to nourish and repair damaged cells.