The end of the year is drawing near and besides taking stock of your entire year, shopping for your nearest and dearest, don’t forget to treat your skin to some tender, loving care.
Instead of the usual run of the mill cleansers, moisturisers and serums, now you can opt for an entirely customised beauty experience complete with custom-formulated skin solutions at Skin Inc.

The world’s first skin supplement bar offers a range of pure, active and highly concentrated serums from Japan, all targeted at delivering the active ingredients skin deep. Sounds awesome already?
Skin Inc is also dedicated to finding the perfect solution for our individual skincare needs according to our unique lifestyles.
Skin Inc’s specialist will custom- formulate a personalised cocktail serum called My Daily Dose ™ after a skin identity check. My Daily Dose ™ is a blend of three types of 100 percent pure and active concentrate serums selected from its entire range of nine serums. It is so versatile that 84 custom- formulated combinations can be achieved.


Skin Inc Optimser
Taking skincare to a new level, Skin Inc’s handy skincare devices also make ideal gifts this Christmas.

The new Skin Inc Eyes Love It Optimizer is the perfect solution for your fine lines and wrinkles. More than just an eye massager, it uses a non-invasive technique called Iontophoresis to boost deeper penetration of skincare serums into the skin by using a small electric charge.

When used together with Skin Inc’s anti-wrinkle serums, it becomes even more effective in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The best part? The auto-vibration massager intuitively adjusts its power automatically to your skin condition as well as the amount of serum applied.

This naturally takes the guesswork out of how long one should massage the sensitive skin area around the eyes. The ergonomically-designed massage head also addresses the nooks and crannies of our facial contours, not just around the eyes, but also the mouth and nose to effectively target these wrinkle-prone areas.

Between the Eyes Love It Optimizer and My Daily Dose, your skin will soon be thanking you for the much-needed attention.


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