Revival Peel w Egg Timer SHR 2014 B.pngWe all know the rule of thumb ━ scrub once or twice a week to remove dead skin cells. But even with all the products on the market, we may still find ourselves apprehensive when it comes to investing in another skin sloughing scrub. The reason? Most scrubs tend to be abrasive, and you can rarely find one that is great at what it does without having you feel like you’re scratching your skin.

Which is why we’re loving Skin Inc’s Pure Revival Peel. The unique water-based formula does not contain any abrasive particles. So instead of sloughing potentially harmful rough bits all over your face, you just have to let Skin Inc’s revival peel rest on your skin.

According to the company, the unique formula works by adhering to dead skin cells and impurities, picking them up without stripping your skin of moisture. All you have to do is let the product rest on your skin and gently massage after a few seconds, and you will literally be rubbing those layers away.

For an added bonus, the product is formulated with whitening arbutin and the antioxidant fullerene. The combination of these ingredients work at repairing your skin’s brightness while purging it of icky impurities, according to the brand.

The company also claims this skin-revealing beauty will give you a perfect base for makeup to glide on. It’s hard not to love a multi-tasker.

Skin Inc Pure Revival Peel, $104 for 100 ml, is available at all Skin Inc stores now, and at all Sephora stores from May 15. For more information, visit and follow the brand on Facebook.