SKII Spot Pen

We all want that radiant and glowy complexion, but spots can be a huge bane. What’s more, even if there are no visible spots on your skin, there’s evidence that UV damage can accumulate unnoticed under the dermis, only to surface later on.

Worse still, exposing your skin to Singapore’s sun and smog on a daily basis can lead to far-reaching problems aside from pigmentation – think dull skin and rougher skin texture.  

Before you seek out the blemish-fading power of a dermatologist’s laser, we recommend incorporating a targeted treatment that zeroes in on your most troublesome spots and pigmentation. The newest kid on the block of spot correctors is SK-II’s new GenOptics Spot Pen, which comes with the brand’s most concentrated WH Smart Cocktail and signature PITERA™. The GenOptics Spot Pen also comes with a nifty magnetic applicator that promises to help ingredients in the product penetrate three times better than when applied with your fingers. When you use the applicator, you are also preventing bacteria from transferring from your fingertips to your skin – which is always a plus.

To apply, place the tip of the applicator on dark spots and gently push the nozzle to dispense a dose of the product, then blend the essence into the skin by rotating the applicator.

Incorporate this into your skincare regime with the trusty SK-II bestsellers, the iconic Facial Treatment Essence and the GenOptics Aura Essence, for radiant and glowy skin.  You already know this product currently tops our must-have list, especially for travelling.

SKII Spot Pen

The GenOptics Spot will only be made available at all other travel retailers next month (1 March), but here’s how you can get first dibs and be the first in the world to try SK-II’s latest skincare innovation. The Shilla Duty Free in Changi Airport is the first in the world to launch the GenOptics Spot Pen from 11-28 February 2019. Jet-setting off soon? Don’t forget to put the GenOptics Spot Pen on the top of your “To-buy” list before boarding your plane! 

SK-II GenOptics Spot Pen is available exclusively at The Shilla Duty Free, Changi Airport from 11th to 28th February and will available at all other SK-II Travel Retail counters from 1 March.