Famed for producing glowing skin on celebrities such as Tang Wei and Cate Blanchett, SK-II has once again made the red carpet glow attainable for regular folks. With the launch of the Cellumination Aura Essence, radiant skin is only a few drops away according to the brand.

SK-II Cellumination Aura Essence aims to even out uneven skin tones while working on creating a luminescent layer on the epidermis level of the skin. The product is designed to be used with SK-II’s Cellumination Day Surge UV and Cellumination Deep Surge, so if you are already a fan of these two products, this new addition may work well for you. If you aren’t, fret not, the product can be used on its own as well.

Cellumination Aura Essence works by targeting melanin producing cells on the skin’s uppermost layer. In attempting to control how these cells regulate melanin, it hopes to reduce its production and hence stop those dark spots from growing. Aside from containing the brand’s signature pitera, Cellumination Aura Essence also features Ume Extract. The extract is drawn from Nankou-ume, a top-grade Japanese apricot which is rich in organic and citric acid – nature’s natural whitening ingredient!

The lovely product is packed in an elegant opalescent tear-drop bottle. As light gently refracts on the bottle’s surface, we couldn’t help but ask ourselves if we would ever reach that level of radiant glow.

SK-II Cellumination Aura Essence, $199 for 30ml, $299 for 50ml, and $397 for 75ml, is available at all SK-II counters. For more information, visit www.sk-ii.com.sg and follow the brand on Facebook.