She’s Asian, she’s adorable – and she has absolutely sensational skin. Meet model of the moment Aimee Cheng-Bradshaw, your next big skincare superstar.

Exquisitely expressive eyes and perfectly proportioned nose aside, the glamour girl has the skin situation down pat. Personal vouch: Having scrutinised her face up close on a couple of studio shoots and such, I’m happy to report that the 20-year-young starlet has refreshingly “real” skin – an “attainable” sort of awesome, if that makes sense.

Aimee’s amazing complexion comes in very handy indeed, given her new gig as the first Singaporean face for everyone’s favourite everyday beauty brand, Neutrogena. (The Asia’s Next Top Model alumnus joins other luminous luminaries the likes of Kerry Washington and Ariel Lin, making this a pretty darn big deal, really.) Read on for more beauty-related bits and bobs about the ravishing “runway success”, so to speak, and take notes, budding supermodels and beauty students alike!

1. Models: They’re pimply people, too. The cool clotheshorse wants you to know she battles with blemishes as well. “I’ve always had to contend with breakouts and oily skin,” Aimee admits.  “But once I figured out how to properly care for my skin, my complexion calmed down considerably.” See? #ItGetsBetter!

Amusing acne-related anecdote: The globe-trotting good-looker says a chilly climate “freezes” away her zits. “While I was working in Hong Kong in seriously cold weather, I literally had zero pimples,” she recounts. “My skin was matte and I felt like a freaking goddess. And then up came a spot to bring me crashing back to reality.” Key takeaway: If you’re agonising over acne, take heart because you’re in good company.

2. She’s a hardcore gym rat. Who knew? You’d never have guessed it from her porcelain princess exterior, but Aimee’s an enthusiastic endorser of good ol’ exercise, especially when it comes to post-party rehab. “[I like] working out the day after a late night out to rev up my metabolism and sweat out all the toxins.” Take a leaf from Aimee’s book and destuff and depuff your way to a slimmer, more V-shaped visage – because hey, you don’t want to “lose face” in front of your judgmental relatives come Chinese New Year, right?

3. This is the only beauty rule you must follow. When asked to spill the best beauty secret she’s gleaned from her glam squad, Aimee says sunscreen is of the essence. “The stylists I work with have drilled into me the importance of sun protection,” she says. “I’m currently obsessed with Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer Complete UV Waterlight SPF50+ PA+++, which doubles up as a makeup base. When I’m working out, I switch to the Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF50+ PA+++, which is ultra-light and super fresh on top of being both sweat- and water-resistant.” Time to slip, slop and slap your way to some fun in the sun!

4. Cleanliness is next to gorgeousness. The ingenue credits her incandescent complexion to a careful cleansing regime. “At the end of the day, you really do need to make the effort to remove all your makeup,” Aimee says. “Neutrogena’s Deep Clean Oil-Free Makeup Remover Cleansing Wipes are so convenient and sweep away makeup, dirt and oil without the need to rinse.” What could be easier than fishing a wet wipe out from a resealable package, sweeping it over your skin and calling it a night, right?

Of course, we may need a little extra help with degreasing during the festive season – intensely pigmented glittery eyeshadows are such a pain to remove. For that, Aimee is obsessed with oils: “On days when I have the energy, I’ll remove my makeup with a cleansing oil, because nothing beats the feeling of splashing off in the shower.” Yep, you do need a little water and elbow grease to take it all off – a small price to pay, really, because beautiful makeup begins and ends with a perfectly clean canvas.

5. Who’s her #BeautyIdol? Aimee keeps it in the Asia’s Next Top Model family when prompted to pick a Best Skin champ among the menagerie of models she’s worked with. “Monika Sta Maria (the Philippines rep in ANTM Cycle 3) has such good skin,” she says. “Monika has the cutest freckles and I’ve never seen her putting on foundation. So jealous!” Sidebar: We’ve seen the lovely lass in the flesh and can fully co-sign on Aimee’s choice.

6. “Eye” love this #MakeupTip. Aimee’s all about a smouldering smoky eye – so sumptuous and seductive. “It’s so fun to mess around with different eyeshadows,” she says. “I like my eye makeup to be super strong.” If you want to start small, consider leaving your lips relatively muted … although with all the parties lined up for this time of the year, we suggest throwing colour caution to the wind and piling on the lippie as well.

7. Any #DieDieMustBuy items? Glad you asked. “My new favourite is Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost Water Gel, which is perfect for me because it has a such a light texture that keeps my skin soft and smooth throughout the day,” Aimee raves. And guess what? We’re equally in love with her hero product, which glides on like nothing else and is absolutely divine as a makeup base. Great beauties think alike, huh.

8. Lube up, baby. Aimee says rehydration is a requisite, especially if you’re spending much of the day in a skin-desiccating air-conditioned room: “One of the most beneficial things you can possibly do for your body is to drink lots of water. This will also help to balance out your skin and stop it from becoming too dry or oily.” We’ll drink to that – cheers to a clearer complexion in the year ahead, guys!