If you’re all about defining and enhancing your eyes, you’ve probably already got an everyday makeup look that works for you. That said, it doesn’t hurt to experiment once in a while and switch things up! Plus, playing with more makeup helps justify owning all those products in the first place (as we keep telling ourselves).

While a particular technique or style might ‘work’ for us, it might not necessarily work for you because everyone has different eye and face shapes.  

For a little variety, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite celeb eye makeup looks, all of which are really easy to rock on your own. Perhaps (we hope) you might just get inspired to switch things up!


#1 Jeanette Aw


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Lining the outer edge of your eyes is par for the course for most Singaporean women (us included), but Jeanette demonstrates what we’re calling the inner corner liner look, which is perfect for making your eyes look a tad wider and more almond-shaped. The look is still very natural without too much definition on the lower lash line, and we love that she’s kept the rest of her face clean and pared back to let the liner have its moment.


#2 Jamie Yeo


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Hot mama Jamie Yeo must have stumbled upon the fountain of youth – she’s 39 years and counting, but never fails to look fresh-faced and radiant. Though this sultry, slightly smoked-out eye is a change from her no-makeup-makeup looks, it’s still soft and wearable. It’s also really easy to do. You just need to use a crayon eye pencil or eyeliner on the outer third of your eyes and smudge it out into a slight wing. You don’t need to be super precise – just take care not to go too crazy with it or the look may start to look muddy.


#3 Yvette King


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This eye look is smokey, dramatic, and gorgeously smudged out. It takes a good amount of attitude to pull this off, and Yvette is slaying it in our opinion. A thicker cat eye liner taken up towards your brows and a pair of fluttery lashes will go a long way towards achieving this. We also love that the look is smoked out with warmer brown shadows instead of a straight up black, which would have rendered this too harsh for day. The overdrawn lips are of course, entirely optional, but fun to attempt nonetheless.


#4 Fann Wong


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Fann Wong and Jeanette Aw are pretty much twinning with their inner corner liner looks. The main difference is that Fann’s eyes have a little more definition courtesy of the filling in of her water line. The most impactful element of her makeup look? Lashes. So load up on the mascara, keep your brows soft, and you’re right there with her.


#5 Rathi Menon


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If you’re unfamiliar with this stunning woman, Rathi Menon was the winner of Miss Singapore Universe in 2014. She gives us serious makeup and skin (and hair and body) envy, whether she’s barefaced or rocking a dramatic look. If you have large eyes like Rathi, this liner look is going to work really well for you. The trick is making sure you line just the very outer corner of the lower lash line and taper out the top liner into a thin wisp towards the inner corner. Otherwise, you run the risk of making your eyes look disconcertingly round (like fishballs, as I’ve been told in the past). But hey, if you prefer rounder eyes, then you do you!


#6 Fiona Fussi


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Our February 2017 cover girl is all smoked out and in full #girlboss mode with this look. Don’t be afraid of using darker eyeshadows if you have lots of eyelid “real estate” to work with. The look can still be very daytime-appropriate, as long as you leave enough light space between the dark shadows and your brow bone. When trying to recreate the look, you can follow our list of easy makeup tricks for monolid eyes, or just refer to some step-by-step tutorials.


#7 Jade Seah


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Don’t want the hassle of a winged eye? Let your eyeshadow do the talking. Notice how Jade’s eyeshadow isn’t completely diffused on the outer corner, and instead has been cleverly deployed to create the illusion of a V-shape? It gives her eyes lift and more definition, and all you need to create this look is a “guard” of sorts that will keep your eyeshadow confined to that outer line. You can use tape (or an actual eyeshadow guard) or try holding a namecard along the corner of your eyes to keep the line sharp. It’s an especially flattering look to try if you have eyes that are slightly droopy.


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