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Show me skin! Well okay, the skin of Singapore sirens Julie Tan, Joanne Peh and Denise Keller, at any rate.

Fabulous Fann aside, yours truly is also a fanboy of said starlets above on account of their incredibly incandescent faces, which I find to be a happy medium between the “wet” K-Beauty look and the matte mask-like miens of the Kardashian Klan.

To cop their complexion, I turned to the ladies’ glam squad leader, makeup maestro Dollei Seah, who told me that your best beauty bet is to focus on clear skin and strong brows, both of which are key to playing up your facial features.

How to get the pore-less dewy skin of Singapore celebrities Complexion Enhancing Primer.png

Ready to get your glow on? First things first. Get your fundamentals right by prepping your skin with a brightening base. Try Tom Ford’s comfortably creamy Complexion Enhancing Primer, which is perfect if you can’t be arsed with tedious eight-step regimes.

Tap tiny dots on your brow bone, cheeks and chin and blend to lend light to specific focal points on your face; on good skin days, this silky salmon-hued salve alone should suffice.  

“When you’re using a highlighting product, avoid layering a rich serum underneath because that will be overkill,” advises Dollei Seah. My suggestion: Pair your pearlescent primer with a watery day serum for maximum hydration and minimum heaviness.

How to get the pore-less dewy skin of Singapore celebrities Skin Illuminating Powder Duo.png

Want to pile on the “bling”? Top up with Dollei’s personal obsession du jour, Tom Ford’s #diediemustbuy Skin Illuminating Powder Duo. The carefully calibrated mix of silver and gold pigments in this compact is just about the only powder formula capable of breathing life and light into my skin – better at fending off signs of fatigue than snatching forty winks, in my opinion.

Here’s the one-minute trick I deploy whenever I’m in need of an emergency, is-she-or-isn’t-she shimmer. Swirl the two shades together on your brush and sweep it along your cheekbones, keeping the rest of your face beautifully bare; the featherweight formula leaves zero telltale streaks, at least on my combination skin.

How to get the pore-less dewy skin of Singapore celebrities Tom Ford Brow Sculptor.png

Anchor your look with a strong brow by filling it in with a good gel or wax-type pencil. Dollei suggests starting from the centre of your brow, using fleeting flicks to feather outwards for depth and dimension. Never draw a thick broad band across the entire brow, as this can come off as severe and strangely stilted.

Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to looking like a Singapore “chiobu” – fresh, flirty and worthy of a Star Award or two!