Here’s the deal. When it comes to beauty tips and tricks, who better to go to than the people who have tried it all, right?

As part of our (very cool) tie-up for Guardian’s Health & Beauty Awards 2017, we got seven beauty editors and writers from our sister mags to divulge the industry insider secrets that will help you to  achieve the incandescent Instagram-ready complexion plus the shampoo ad-worthy hair you’ve always wanted.

Read on to quell your curiosity, and be sure to suss out the many heroine products they’ve tapped as their personal favourites, all of which should stand you in good stead for the year ahead – think everything from  basic facial cleansers to the most potent anti-ageing eye creams. Have fun adding items into your virtual grocery cart, and #HappyShopping.


“Skin heals best when it is at rest, so step up your routine with a cream specifically formulated for overnight use.”
Penelope Chan, executive editor, Her World


“A mouthwash can keep your gums and teeth healthy, making it complementary to brushing your teeth twice daily. Choose one without alcohol – it’s gentler on your gums and teeth but still effective.”
Zarelda Goh, editor, Shape


“When cleansing, press and pat – don’t go at your face like an aggressive maniac! Excessive tugging can damage sensitive skin.”
Eugene Quek, associate editor, herworldPLUS


“Use a moisturiser immediately after showering to get the best benefits. Where possible, limit your showers to just 10 minutes as the hot water quickly starts drying out skin.”
Dawn Chen, writer, Shape


“Move your hands in circular motions when you apply moisturiser. This boosts product penetration and microcirculation in the skin.”
Simone Wu, senior beauty editor, Her World


“When applying foundation, start at the centre of your face where coverage is needed most, then carefully spread the product outwards.”
Cynthia Chew, senior beauty editor, Cleo


“Mousse still does the trick when it’s applied to dry hair, as long as you give it an extra blast with the hairdryer (heat is key).”
Claire Starkey, editor-in-chief, Cleo