nails mermaid scales 640_0.jpg


1. Pick a nail polish colour you like – we chose teal green – apply two coats and let them dry.

2. Using a fine-tipped brush (an old eyeliner brush is a good option) and a shimmery, opaque gold polish, draw a semicircle at the centre of the base of each nail, followed by a semicircle on each side of it. For a scalelike pattern, continue drawing rows of half moons until you get to the tips of your nails. Wait five minutes for the polish to dry.

3. Brush on a topcoat.

EXPERT TIP: Pour a small amount of gold polish on a paint palette – this makes it easier to pick up the product – and add a drop or two of nail polish thinner (brands like OPI carry this) to it. The latter prevents the polish from drying up.

Courtesy of The Nail Atelier, #01-06 Kembangan Suites, 16 Jalan Masjid (tel: 6636-2886).

nails polka dot 640_0.jpg


1. Brush on a clear base coat.

2. Use dotting tools in different sizes and polishes in various colours – use a mix of dark and light hues to make the final look more eye-catching – to create polka dots, starting from the mid-section of your nails to the tips. If you don’t have dotting tools, you can use the blunt end of a toothpick or the rounded end of a bobby pin.

3. Wait for your nail art to dry before applying a topcoat.

EXPERT TIP: Shades in the same colour family, such as light blue and dark blue, make for chic colour combinations.

Courtesy of Elegant Nails, #01-34 Tanglin Mall (tel: 6235-8235).

nails cupcake sprinkle 640_0.jpg


1. Apply two coats of a polish in the colour of your choice, and wait for it to dry. We used a pale yellow hue that would contrast nicely with the bold colours used for the rest of this look.

2. Apply an opaque fuchsia pink polish from the middle of your nails to the tips. To

make the pink look like icing on a cupcake, use the polish brush to create uneven, scalloped edges where the yellow and fuchsia hues meet.

3. To create “sprinkles”, dip an old angled eyeliner brush into the polish, then use it to draw short, even lines on the pink parts of the nails. Choose three to four bright colours for the “sprinkles”.

4. Wait for a few minutes, then apply a topcoat.

EXPERT TIP: For a vibrant look, the colours used to create the “sprinkles” must be opaque, highly pigmented and bright enough to stand out against the hot pink hue. Go for neon colours.

Courtesy of Hands+Feet Studio, 44 Siglap Drive (tel: 6448-7187).

This story was originally published in the September 2014 issue of Her World magazine.