This Singapore beauty blogger knows the best way to use facial essence B.png

Try this tip, get bouncy fishball skin like Lee Yeon-hee

Contender for best beauty hack ever? I don’t know about you, but when it comes to skincare tips and tricks, ingenuity and inventiveness are of the “essence”, so to speak – and this particular doozy of a DIY hack has both in spades.

Doff of my hat to my new beauty buddy Annabel Tan – feel free to stalk her at @annabel_t – whose top tip makes for an exceptionally effective way of employing your essence as an express facial mask.

Here’s how. Grab a generous handful of cotton wads – Annabel’s using “dry” sheets you can find at any number of specialised grocery stores like Daiso, but regular toning pads will do in a pinch – and douse them in your go-to essence (or softener or refiner or emulsion; tomato, tomahto).

Sidebar: Annabel suggests sticking these skin treats in the fridge; like I discovered with scents, this neat storage trick makes them go the extra mile, and is especially handy for cooling ruddy complexions.

In any case, when the cotton is wet all the way through, peel them apart and slap one onto your face. Twiddle your thumbs for two minutes, then take the pads off. Pat in any excess and proceed with the rest of your regimen.

The moisture will also imbue your mien with a subtle inner sheen that’s very intriguing; in fact, I dare say this speedy spot treatment is the secret to the beguilingly bare dewiness so coveted in today’s K-Obsessed world.

Well, now you know. Pass on these hacks to your beauty buddies, and try them for yourself, pronto. Your skin can thank me later!


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