Grey nails might not sound particularly festive, but add in a silver sheen and you have something really special.

Every shade of grey is big news at the moment, so you can go from darkest gunmetal through to pale silver and still be on-trend. If you’re going for one of the darker version remember to use a base coat to protect your nails, plus a top coat such as Seche Vite Dry Fast is a good idea to secure that shine.

Cover Media tested several different tones so read on if you fancy something a bit different to the usual seasonal sparkle.

MAC Lacquer in Nightfall

This looks like daringly dark metallic silver in the bottle. When I applied the first coat it felt a bit watery, so I tried not to put too much on. However, the second coat really made the gun metal hue stand out and the high gloss coverage was great. I think it’s best to follow the less is more rule when it comes to putting this on your nails, as it will ensure the overall look is more even and less streaky.

Essie in Cashmere Bathrobe

I was dubious about grey nail polish before I tried this and couldn’t shake the idea that it might make me look… well, a little ill. One slick of this was enough to change my mind. The consistency is thick so you could get away with one coat, although two is ideal. The shade is dark but still a warm grey, plus the subtle silver shimmer gives it an extra kick. It dries quickly and lasted for three days without chips, so top marks from me.

NARS in Disco Inferno

This limited edition shade is perfect if you want a more subtle shade of grey. It has a soft green iridescent sheen running through it and delicate silver particles of glitter. The first coat was barely noticeable on my nails, but it was certainly more effective after the second. I ended up applying three coats of lacquer to maximise the colour and shine.

Urban Decay in Blackheart

This is one of two new shades in the Urban Decay polish collection and is also the name of one of the new shades in the Naked 3 eye palette. While not technically a grey, the bronze tone gives the same kind of vibe and I loved that it was shot through with flecks of red. The colour gets top marks from me, but unfortunately it took too long to dry which is one of my biggest polish bugbears. I ended up with some smudges and fabric indentations on my nails as it was tacky for so long, plus it chipped in under a day.