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Veganism has become so much more than just a trend or a plant-based diet today. It’s even entered the realms of fashion and beauty. In fact, vegan-friendly skincare has become something that many Gen Zers look out for when beauty shopping.

So why go vegan when it comes to skincare? The use of plant-based ingredients and extracts are said to contain more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to nourish and protect your skin. After all, many of them contain potent superfood actives that can do wonders for our complexion.

At the same time, vegan-friendly skincare tend to have shorter ingredient lists – fewer ingredients mean less risk of causing skin irritation. Another bonus? They’re cruelty-free and sustainably made. In short, they’re not only good for your skin, but also good for the environment too.

Sigi Skin: Championing The Vegan Beauty Cause

You don’t have to look very far to get effective vegan-friendly skincare. Homegrown label Sigi Skin is championing the cause in Singapore having gone 100 per cent vegan in February 2021 by eliminating animal-derived ingredients in its products.

The brand offers a line of highly efficacious, superfood-infused skincare essentials that help skin stay healthy, glowing and happy. And because Singapore women are busy urbanites, Sigi Skin’s products are designed to be a multi-purpose and fuss-free, allowing you to simplify your skincare routine with ease.

You might not think that you’re making a big difference in opting for a vegan-friendly skincare option. But for Sigi Skin, the impact is gradual, but significant.

Sigi Skin also ensures that their products are environmentally friendly made, preferring to use renewable ingredients and manufacturing methods to reduce the brand’s carbon footprint. The products are housed in zero-waste packaging made from soy ink and recycled paper. Plus, eco-conscious beauty enthusiasts can also opt for refills once their favourite Sigi Skin skincare runs out.

The brand is also in the process of partnering with 1% for the Planet, an international organisation whose members contribute one per cent of their annual sales or salary to support environmental causes.

An Eco-Friendly Skin Solution

Did you know that Sigi Skin’s award-winning Idyllic Fields Day-Time Moisturiser (that earned the “Best Moisturiser For Sensitive Skin” title at this year’s Her World Beauty Awards) has a waterless formula, which in turn helps to reduce the use of this precious natural resource?

This hardworking eco-conscious hydrator soothes the skin, infuses it with moisture and strengthens the skin barrier thanks to a blend of nourishing actives. The result: balanced and happy skin.

The secret is its use of colloidal oatmeal extracts at 71.9 per cent to calm inflammation and irritation, especially for sensitive or even eczema-prone skin. It also balances the skin’s microbiome, keeping it healthy. It’s also enriched with troxerutin (from the Japanese pagoda tree), polyglutamic acid (from soybeans) and matcha extracts to relieve dryness, firm and protect the skin, while keeping acne breakouts at bay.

Additionally, for each bottle sold, five per cent of the proceeds are donated to an animal shelter, in memory of founder Xenia Wong’s golden retriever Dino who passed in 2020.

In 2021, Sigi Skin managed to raise over $5,000 for Causes For Animals through this initiative. In 2022, the campaign continues and the money will be donated to Voices For Animals to help with their animal rescue efforts.  Throughout the year, Sigi Skin will be donating to the animal welfare organisation, Dog Shelter Volunteer & Donation Singapore (SOSD).

Our Tester Says…

“We’re fans of the airless pump packaging as it not only kept the product ‘fresh’ but also hygienic. The soft, citrus scented gel-cream spread easily and was surprisingly moisturising despite its lightweight texture. 

We tried it when our skin was irritated and inflamed, and was glad that it didn’t aggravate the situation. No stinging, no oiliness and no breakouts. It really helped to soothe our sensitive skin, striking a good balance between moisturising and comforting.”

Award: Most Vegan-Friendly SG Beauty Brand (Editorial Awards)

Winner: Sigi Skin

For more information, visit Sigi Skin at www.sigiskin.com

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