We learn something new every day. And this is especially so for us beauty writers. With every beauty launch we attend, we learn new things about our skin.

In this case, we find out that there are “switches” present in our skin – a la electric switches which receive signals to keep the cell functioning and healthy. The “switches”, also known as cellular receptors in our cell membrane are what keeps us looking young.

But as we age, these “switches” seem to suffer from “power cuts” weakening the skin’s self-regenerative ability.

The solution? Shu Uemura has launched their latest Tsuya Skin serum to counter and reactivate the skin’s “youth power switch”.

“Tsuya skin”, which means “ideal skin” in Japanese, is now easily attainable thanks to the new technology, derived from the Japanese Enju flower, known for its longevity.

The flower inspires the rhamnose receptor, which is able to remain stable despite the ageing process, transmitting vital signals to skin cells and penetrating the skin to boost cell regeneration and provide significant improvement in all the fundamental skin layers to achieve ideal skin.

The serum, to be used after cleansing and toning, is said to give your skin a more even tone, reduce size of your pores, and improve the texture of your skin by making it softer and more supple.

We love the pearlescent colour of the serum – white with a hint of purple shimmer – making it almost too pretty to use. It’s extremely lightweight and is absorbed quickly, within a matter of seconds, almost as if our skin was thirsty for it.

We are also fans of the hygienic dropper delivery system, where our grubby hands won’t contaminate the rest of the serum, keeping it in its pristine condition.

The promise of being able to achieve ideal skin in just seven days is an alluring one. So try it, you never know and you may just achieve the six key parameters – smoothness, porelessness, translucence, even skin tone, fine texture and good skin colour in just a week.

Shu Uemura Tsuya Skin is available islandwide from September 2012 at $108 for 30ml.