skin supplements
There are so many supplements on the market that tout the benefits of better skin, healthier hair and stronger nails, it makes us wonder if we’re doing something wrong in our beauty routines.

Do we need to be adding vitamin pills to our ever growing arsenal of products? Is moisturiser and a good conditioner ever enough? We spoke to Dr. Sach Mohan, a leading cosmetic physician and owner of the Revere Clinic, London, to get the lowdown on what pills we should be popping – if any at all.

“I only recommend supplements in patients looking to address certain hair, skin and nail issues,” explains Dr Mohan, “and I am actually very careful in what I would suggest. There are probably only three supplements I would suggest that have been clinically proven to be effective.”

Vitamin B
“Vitamin B is great for sufferers of acne,” explains Dr Mohan, “as acne can be aggravated by lack of vitamin B in the body. It can help clear spots up as it acts as an antioxidant to the skin which helps remove bacteria. It can also help reduce stress in the body, so is a great vitamin for those that suffer outbreaks as a result being stressed.”

Omega 3
“Fatty acids – especially Omega-3 are great for repairing dry, damaged hair,” explains Dr Mohan. “The DHA and EPA found in the supplement also promote new hair growth and if that wasn’t enough, omega-3 will also help the skin from burning and over exposure to UV light.”

“Biotin is great for your nails as it produces a protein which will help strengthen them as it is absorbed into the nail bed,” explains Dr Mohan, “it also promotes new hair growth, making it a great vitamin for brittle nails and thinning hair.” © Cover Media