IN SHANGHAI – We’re currently in Shanghai for SK-II and it’s just been announced that Singapore top model Sheila Sim is its newest brand ambassador.

Sheila Sim is SK-II’s newest brand ambassador

Sheila Sim is arguably Singapore’s top model. She is the face of Ashley Isham’s global campaign, has worked with international brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and you’ve probably seen her latest Poh Heng advertisements. Now, she joins the ranks of Cate Blanchett, Tang Wei, Qiqi and Carina Lau as the latest brand ambassador for SK-II.

“Sheila shares many similarities with the SK-II brand. She is very real and has the warmth which are characteristics that we would like to carry through (from the brand to the consumers). The realness is very important because that is what SK-II is about -real women and their testimonials,” shares Edwin Lam, PR Manager of SK-II Singapore.  

“Sheila is a real everyday woman – she swims three times a week, goes out, enjoys herself under the sun and maximises her every minute.”

On being the first Singaporean face of SK-II, Sheila said she is “so honoured, it’s like a dream come true.”  Sheila was introduced to SK-II skincare five years ago but now uses it religiously. “You must be patient (to see the results). Keep to your regime and don’t be lazy,” she advises. Now, she says reapplies her SK-II products after every shower.

Her new skincare regime? “No matter how tired I am, I will always remove my makeup.” Sheila explains that she starts with the SK-II Cleansing Gel and follows – in order – with Whitening Source Clear Lotion, Facial Treatment Essence, LXP Ultimate Revival Cream, Cellumination Essence, Skin Signature Eye Cream and lastly Skin Signature Cream.

We had a quick chat with the model this afternoon. The 27-year-old currently shuffles between Singapore and Hong Kong for work. Coincidentally, we were on the same flight to Shanghai and when we landed, her skin was glowing. Her secret? “When I got on the flight, I put on SK-II’s Facial Treatment Mask to keep my skin hydrated.” Before any big shoots or events, she also uses the this mask to prep her skin. For a person who has not yet started a skincare regime, what is the first product you would recommend?
Sheila: SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence. It’s my favourite product, you’ll get the radiant glow and clarity of the skin. What is your makeup pet peeve?
Sheila: Fake eyelashes! Some people go out not wearing any makeup but have a full set of lashes, it’s very unnatural. What are your top three makeup products?
Sheila: I don’t wear much makeup but if I had to say it would be concealer, mascara and eyeliner. For shoots and fashion shows you have to wear heavy makeup and have your hair done which might call for a lot of hair spray. Any tips to share on protecting your skin and hair after?
Sheila: For my skin, I’ll apply an SK-II Facial Treatment Mask. For my hair, I usually wash with Redken’s Deep Cleansing Shampoo.

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