Shane Pow on his sexy body  why women should use men’s skincare! B1.png

Man on a skin-saving mission! Image: Lab Series Singapore

We’ve seen our fair share of gorgeously groomed gents (hey, Godfrey!) but man, I’m not kidding when I say Shane Pow’s skin is like, wow.

Quick primer on the perfectly poreless man of the hour: Shane’s 24 years young, an ex Manhunt Singapore contestant, and his social media clout (74,000 Instagram followers and counting!) is just off the roof.

Oh, he’s also the fresh new face of Lab Series Singapore; expect to see his pretty mug plastered across collaterals and counters island-wide. In other words, Shane Pow is so very clickable for us Web-savvy beauty pundits.

You know what’s truly gratifying? Unlike say, Godfrey Gao or even London-born George Young, there’s a real sense of ownership involved. Shane’s a bona fide Singaporean son and a proud alumnus of Woodlands Ring Secondary School and Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

Shane Pow on his sexy body  why women should use men’s skincare! B2.png

#BTS at the campaign shoot. Shane giving his best sexy-face for the cameras!

Finally, there’s how incredibly friendly, frank and funny the Best Newcomer nominee at the Star Awards 2013 is in his interaction with the press, despite teetering right on the edge of superstardom. To wit, Shane freely informs us he used to be a pudgy boy (!), and that he freaks out when he well, breaks out.

Still not convinced? Check out the pull quote-worthy soundbites Shane’s furnished us with, and try not to chuckle if you’re reading this in your office cubicle.

Guy fans, brandish your gym-honed guns if you’re aiming to impress. Asked for what he finds most attractive in a dude, Shane says boys with big biceps are sexy: “I have many female friends telling me they love guys with toned arms. Not Dwayne Johnson-level muscles, mind, just a lean and well-toned bod.” In other words, someone like Shane.

Speaking of man parts, feel free to ogle Shane’s pumped-up pecs. Best physical feature? Shane says he’s most confident about his chest: “I used to be a fat kid and my belly balloons whenever I gain weight, but thankfully my chest remains unaffected.” We’re inclined to believe him; I mean, the man sure knows how to fill out a white tee.

Shane Pow on his sexy body  why women should use men’s skincare!

He’s a fan of K-Drama … Quizzed on his celeb crush, Shane says it’s all about Song Ji-hyo: “I’m incredibly infatuated with Song Ji-hyo! She’s great on Running Man.” We agree!

But even if you’re not a K-Beauty, a full set of teeth is all you need to be eligible for a date with Shane. The man digs a “bright, cheerful smile” on a lady, so a quick trip to the dentist and would-be Shane suitors ought to be good to go: “I’m easily impressed! All a girl needs to do is to be herself and if there’s chemistry, I’ll ask her out!” Well, well. That gives us a whole lot of hope, then.

Prissy, indoorsy types need not apply. Shane says his dream date would be at the beach, under the stars: “I love the idea of a nice seaside dinner, with the weather at just the right temperature: Not too cold but breezy enough so that we both can be all dressed up.”

Oh, and if you intend to be with Shane, feel free to raid his bathroom cabinet. Sharing and caring is of the essence when it comes to hanging out with our Lab Series stud: “I have tons of female friends who have tried Lab Series products such as the Pro LS All-In-One Face Treatment, and they’ve told me they love how it’s working for their skin!” (Wee caveat: Ladies out there, stick to your go-to beauty regime if that’s what you’re comfortable with!)

Co-star with the sexiest skin? Shane fingers fellow up-and-comer Julie Tan as having one of the best complexions in the business: “I’ve never seen Julie Tan having bad skin ever, even without makeup on.” Want Insta-proof? This picture of a #MakeUpFree Julie with her adorable pooch may induce a complexion complex!

Shane Pow on his sexy body  why women should use men’s skincare!

Yes, he wears makeup. Deal with it. Shane’s a loyal Lab Series user (he has to be!), but he’s also perfectly comfortable getting a little help by way of warpaint on his face: “More men are putting on makeup! In my line of work, I have to wear makeup on a daily basis for filming, so I don’t think of it as ‘for women’ only.” Bonus points for being entirely at ease in his own skin!

Concealer is Shane’s best friend. We love a guy who’s unafraid of letting it all hang out, so Shane’s admission that he gets all panicky over a pimple is refreshingly endearing: “Everything on TV is high-definition nowadays, so the idea that everyone can see the big zit on my face horrifies me! Whenever I break out, I use concealer as a stopgap measure, then head home to wash my face thoroughly.”

See what we mean when we say Shane Pow’s the perfect idol for our comfortably masculine, non-gender conforming age? All the best for your projects next year, Shane, and good luck smashing gender stereotypes, one gym-going selfie at a time!    

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