Shakira has compared making perfume to writing a song.

The stunning Colombian songstress unveiled her first fragrance, S by Shakira last year. The star is now launching her second scent, S by Shakira Eau Florale.

Shakira says she poured her emotions into creating the scent.

“After working on S by Shakira with the perfumer, I became interested in the possibilities of expressing emotions through scents,” she said in a release. “It’s similar to the process you go through when writing a melody: certain chord combinations inspire different feelings in the listener. I wanted to find a way of expressing the feeling of pure happiness through the medium of fragrance.”

Shakira has created the perfume with the help of expert perfumer Elisabeth Vidal. It combines jasmine and heliotrope flower with fresh notes of bergamot and cassis, plus sweet wild fruits, musk and vanilla.

S by Shakira Eau Florale debuts in stores this September. © Cover Media