Photo: Sephora Singapore 

Sephora is like Disneyland for beauty lovers. The aisles are chock full of goodies, from the latest blinding holographic highlight to gravity-defying mascara.

The makeup store also offers plenty of freebies, samples, and rewards for their Beauty Pass members, if you know where to look.

One case in point: the beauty superstore recently (Feb 19, 2019) opened up the 2019 Sephora Spring Press Day, a historically industry-only event to 100 Sephora Beauty Pass Gold members.

Photo: Sephora Spring Press Day/ Sephora Singapore 

During the event, visitors got a chance to see all of the new skincare and makeup products that will make their way to Sephora stores and online.

One of the Gold members who we spoke to, Liane, 32, said that such an event is great especially since: “we get it (new beauty product releases) a lot later compared to the US, and by the time it gets here, something new comes. So it’s great to be able to see all the new stuff that’s coming in.”  

Photo: Sephora Spring Press Day/ Sephora Singapore 

We spoke to some of these lucky Gold members to discover of their secrets to getting the most of their membership.


Tip #1: Work towards your goal


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In case you didn’t know, there are three main Sephora Beauty Pass Membership categories – white (sign up and make a purchase), black (spend $300 within a year) and gold.

At the tippy-top of the Sephora status hierarchy is gold, the honour is given to those who spend at least $1,500 a year. If you do decide to go for gold, make sure to spend $1,500 in a year. You don’t want to spend $899, only to find out that you didn’t make the cut. 

Perks of the gold tier include a one-day-prior access to Sephora’s private sales, exclusive rewards in the rewards boutique, makeovers and birthday rewards like a facial and brow wax service. The status lasts during the year you obtain it.


Tip #2: Download the app and create a beauty profile


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Earn 40 points for free just by downloading the Sephora app and completing a Beauty Pass account. When you get the app, you will also be notified when there are app exclusive offers and discounts. Psst, FYI there is a in-app sale that is ongoing now and ends on Oct 31, 2019 – so there’s an added incentive to download the app! 

Gold member Lydia, 27, recommends “accumulating a wish list and holding off your purchase until you see an app exclusive offer such as the 8x points promotion where you get eight times the number of points for your purchase.”


Tip #3: Save your points for bigger rewards that are worth you money


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If you are a diehard Sephora fan, it’s not easy to save up your reward points.

But if you can, you can get access to even bigger and better gifts that are more worth your money, from full sized products worth $50 to $60 like a Drunk Elephant product (for 500 points) to custom makeover.

39-year-old blogger and gold member Allie tells us that she saves her points to redeem full sized products instead of spending them on samples/ travel-sized goodies.


Tip #4: Shop smart


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If you shop smart, status is easier than you think. Just like with airline miles, you’re better off spending in the same place, so think of Sephora as your first stop whenever you need to get presents or your beauty essentials like shampoos, suggested Gold member, Amelia, 31.

You can also consider buying a big ticket item here too like a hair dryer or straightener – it could be just the thing to help bump you to a new status.


Tip #5: Keep an eye out for sales


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Though they don’t advertise this, Liane told us that there are usually: “two sales (usually once in May and once in October) where you enjoy a 20 per cent discount on your purchase and gold members get early access to these sales.”

Make sure you know the date that the sales start. Liane also shared that she would do her homework before these sales take place and compare prices across Sephora Singapore, Sephora US and online beauty retailers like Beautylish.


Tip #6: Stay up-to-date

As gold member Irene, 43, suggests one way to find out about new deals, rewards, events and merchandise is to go to the Sephora page on Facebook and Instagram and check your emails.

Sephora recently announced on their Facebook page that they are giving out a miniature Foundation Primer when you purchase the Laura Mercier Flawless Lumière Radiance-Perfecting Foundation in-stores from the Feb 28 to Mar 7, so go to their social media pages if you don’t want to miss out on such deals.