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There’s no denying that most women devote most of their time, effort and money in caring for the skin on our face. And inevitably, the rest of the body is neglected, which explains why many of us are faced with issues like dry patches, scaly skin as well as roughness especially around the elbows and knees. And just like the skin on the face, we need to moisturise regularly and exfoliate about once a week to eliminate dead skin cells. However, for those who are constantly time-starved, that can be a challenge. The solution is simple: even if you don’t have time invest in a rigorous skincare regime for your body, try switching to a shower oil instead. Unlike most body washes that lather richly, shower oils cleanse and replenishes skin with essential moisture and nutrients at the same time, which means you get to kill two birds with one stone. Second tip: opt for a body polish that have aromatherapy benefits as well so you can enjoy a little DIY spa time in your bathroom.

And when it comes to body shaping products, consistency is key. So to ensure you stick to the routine, read on for the most effective and lightweight textures that you can easily slather onto skin and get dressed in the morning without having to deal with product stains:


Best For Daily Use: Yves Rocher Eco Concentrated Shower Gel, $10 for 100ml

Unlike regular shower gels you are familiar with, these ones from Yves Rocher feature a unique formula that is more concentrated so a little goes a long way. One small dollop produces a thick and rich lather that cocoons your skin to gently cleanse while leaving behind a delectable scent trail. It is also infused with skin-loving ingredients that respects skin’s lipid barrier so it doesn’t strip skin of essential moisture. 


Most Luxurious Shower Oil: L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil, $39 for 250ml

Experience an ultra-luxe pampering experience like none other with this lavish shower oil. Enriched with the nourishing properties of sweet almond, this shower oil emulsifies into a silky milk texture when applied on damp skin to cleanse and hydrate your skin at the same time. Best part? It rinses off with no oily residue but yet leaves skin soft and smooth.


Gentle Body Scrub: Crabtree & Evelyn Pomegranate & Argan Oil Body Smoother, $42 for 100ml

Slough away dulling dead skin cells with this blend of pomegranate seeds and argan oil. Its tiny exfoliating granules lift surface debris gently, stimulating circulation at the same time without damaging skin. A hydrating combination of argan and grape seed oils also deeply replenishes skin with moisture and lipids so your skin instantly feels smoother, softer and more refined. Use once or twice weekly and don’t forget to follow with a body moisturiser for best results. 


Cellulite-Buster: Clarins Body Fit, $95 for 200ml

Don’t get us wrong—we’re all about embracing our bodies no matter what shape or size. But if you’re feeling like you need a little extra help in the firming and smoothing department, be it for an event or anything else, this is your best bet. Harnessing the firming effects of quince leaf extract, this lightweight cellulite buster helps smooths the dimply texture of your skin to give it a smoother and tighter appearance.


Body Shaper:  Kerstin Florian Correcting Intensive Slimming Serum, $125 for 177ml

We all have some stubborn areas where it’s difficult to trim and shape despite healthy eating and regular workouts. Give your routine a helping hand with this as it contains ginger, caffeine and other botanicals to help breakup adipose tissue around areas like the waist for a shapelier silhouette. 


Anti-Stretch Mark: Bio-Oil, $15.50

One of the most widely-loved products lauded by mothers, this regenerative oil contains a potent blend of botanical oils as well as vitamins A & E to accelerate skin’s self-healing process. This means that not only is skin instantly hydrated and protected, collagen production is also enhanced to reduce the appearance of scarring. At the same time, expect skin to feel smooth and supple.