The Sekkisei Cinderella search is the Hunger Games of beauty b1.png

Say hello to Ariel Lin, the stunning new face of Sekkisei

Here’s what you need to know about Kose’s ongoing beauty biggie: The incentive to win is big as getting out alive in The Hunger Games.

Fine, that’s a wee exaggeration on our part, but you get the drift. The first Sekkisei Cinderella regional contest is currently scouring five nations – China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore – for a Cinderella each, with the Singapore rep scoring $6000, a year’s supply of Sekkisei stuff and a trip to Japan in 2015 to fete the brand’s 30th birthday that year.  

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. In May 2014, six finalists from each region will be put through the paces in a month-long Beauty Magic styling and posing programme – not all that bad, considering they’ll get to test-drive Sekkisei heroine products during their training. Over two weeks in June, the contestants will canvas for the popular vote, with the winner being bestowed her tiara in July 2014.

Think the glass slipper will fit? Apply online at

If you’re not the sort to put yourself out there like that, Sekkisei is well worth a trip to the nearest cabin on its own merits.

You know, we’ve never understood the obscurity of the brand relative to other Japanese prestige skincare giants in Singapore: Sekkisei’s stuff is really, really good, excellent, even.

The Sekkisei Cinderella search is the Hunger Games of beauty b2.png

Take the new Sun Protect Essence Gel (pictured above), for instance. A must-have in our beauty books, this marvel of a product demands to be experienced first-hand to fully appreciate its supremely sumptuous texture, which glides on like some of the best serums out there.

Crammed with skin-loving ingredients culled from traditional Asian herbs (“cooling” Chinese pearl barley for its soothing properties; peach leaf for its antioxidative flavonoids and pore-tightening tannin), the product’s more-than-adequate SPF50+/PA++++ rating is as impressive as they come, with the UV ray fighters encapsulated in tiny spheres that burst upon impact for maximum efficacy and a surpassingly silky finish.

Interest piqued? Check the range out for yourself when it hits counters come April 2014 – and if you’re a Cinderella in the making, may the odds be ever in your favour! 

Sekkisei Sun Protect Essence Gel (SPF50+/PA++++), $50 for 80g, and Sun Protect Essence Milk (SPF50+/PA++++), $46 for 60g, is available from April 2014 at all Sekkisei counters. For more information, visit and follow Kose Singapore on Facebook.