The secret to flawless skin
Luminous skin is something most women would pay good money for.

But actually, a beautifully clear and glowing complexion is something that shouldn’t cost the earth.

In fact, a good cleansing regime is one of the most important factors in achieving the gorgeous skin you crave.

“Cleansing is a vital part of a skincare routine,” says pro makeup artist Alice Moles.

“Remember that at night, as well as removing makeup and bacteria, you’re also getting rid of any other dirt and old skin cells.

“Your skin repairs itself at night so it’s important it’s clean, which will also help the nutrients from any moisturisers to get to your cells.”

Alice is eager to point out that it’s not only evening cleansing that’s all-important.

“Cleansing in the morning is equally vital,” says Alice, whose beauty blog Super Gorgeous receives a rapturous readership.

“One of the best ways I’ve heard it explained is by skincare expert Dr Murad – he compares your face to a car windscreen.

“Although it’s clean at night, by morning there’s always a slight layer of dirt on the windscreen. The same applies to your face. There’s the added incentive that your makeup will look better over properly prepared skin.”

So, what skincare goodies does Alice swear by?

“I love Liz Earle’s Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser. It doesn’t cost the earth yet is really effective,” she says.

“It melts away makeup gently, even removing mascara! It comes with a muslin cloth, which you dampen then use to take the cleanser off.

“This helps to exfoliate your face and you can see just how clean your face is.

“I love the feeling that it gives that every last trace of makeup is gone,” she adds. © Cover Media