Look and learn, beauty people: The secret to a great selfie is a super stylin’ lippie.

But first, a tip of our pointy wizard hats to our favourite witch for both vanquishing Voldemort and snagging a spiffy Ivy League degree in her spare time. You go, Emma Watson!

As most Millennials are wont to do, the Harry Potter prodigy just had to whip out her smartphone to snap what bitter kittens might belittle as a somewhat self-satisfied selfie – black mortarboard and all.   

Only exception between Emma and the rest of her English Lit alum at Brown University? Not much, we imagine, save the fact that the picture in question was blasted to all 13.2 million of her Twitter followers. (And the Twitterverse promptly imploded; #WeAreProudOfEmmaWatson has gone viral and is still trending on my timeline.)

It’s also worth noting that said selfie was accompanied by a carefully calibrated caption: A single exclamation mark. An exclamation mark is right, all right – I mean, just take a gander at that gorgeous red lippie!

Proving that we have a Muggle makeup mystery in the making – and that most everything can be given a beauty twist by yours truly – I’ve tried my hand at a bit of investigative journalism, to no avail, it seems.

Whatever wizardry was involved in conjuring up that charming crimson stain will probably be squirrelled away in the dank vaults of Hogwarts for eternity, because Emma and her handlers are zipping their lips. 

The secret to Emma Watson’s graduation selfie Her great lipstick BODY.png

The line-up of suspects responsible for Emma’s red lip

Did Hermione Granger veil her mouth with an Invisibility Cloak? (Last Potter reference, promise!)

In any case, this can only mean one thing: A fun little game of guesswork! Let’s put the pieces together, shall we.

Pinch and zoom in on the picture, if you will. See how perfectly plump and maddeningly matte her lips are? That red is just ridiculous: Cool blue undertones that teeters right on the edge of being berry. So incredibly beautiful.   

Gut instinct? Definitely some M.A.C Ruby Woo or Relentlessly Red thrown in the mix; but then again, everything would have a little Ruby Woo in it if left to my own devices. 

Moving on … Perhaps some Chanel by way of its super chic Rouge Allure Velvet in say, #38 La Fascinante? That baby boasts all of the meltingly matte, subtly satiny vibes I’m getting from Emma’s selfie.

Or maybe – and this is the best bet, really – Lancôme’s Rouge in Love in 181N? The leading lady’s the face of the French prestige brand, after all, so it’s safe to say the powers-that-be would have guaranteed Emma easy access to all of its heroine products.

And yet. I can neither confirm or deny anything: Everyone, it seems, is keeping frustratingly and tantalisingly mum.

That said, ‘grats, Emma! Your brain is officially as beautiful as your babyfaced visage. I’ll resume my sleuthing – but if you’re reading this, feel free to mouth off and write us to set the record straight on your red smackers!

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