It’s easy to tell that our locks have gone dry or become fragile from external damage or simply a lack of TLC, but it’s not so easy for us to notice that we’re neglecting the health of our scalp. However, the scalp is the very place our hair grows from, so if you’ve never taken this into consideration, we think Innisfree’s latest scalp-care collection is a great starting point. Its three categories tackle the most common problems: Strength (for weak roots), Refreshing (for oiliness) and Calming (for dryness). All are silicone-free (click here for more hair rules), so whatever healthy shine you see after using them is no illusion.


To fortify the scalp

Innisfree My Hair Recipe Strength Shampoo, $15, and Innisfree My Hair Recipe Strength Treatment, $18.


Ginseng extract in the shampoo is said to help stimulate blood circulation in the scalp and fortify the hair roots, while the sunflower seed oil in the treatment (use it as you would a conditioner) lends shine to fragile tresses.


To balance the scalp

Innisfree My Hair Recipe Refreshing Shampoo, $15, Innisfree My Hair Recipe Refreshing Treatment, $18, and Innisfree My Hair Recipe Refreshing Scaling Oil, $19.


Oily scalps form good breeding grounds for unsightly and uncomfortable phenomena like dandruff and acne, which are best treated separately from the hair itself. So before you step into the shower, massage the scaling oil (formulated with salicylic acid) onto your dry scalp to exfoliate it. Then continue your routine with the accompanying shampoo and conditioning regime to balance sebum levels for long-term maintenance.

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To moisturise the scalp

Innisfree My Hair Recipe Calming Shampoo, $15, and Innisfree My Hair Recipe Calming Treatment, $18.


This category of products targets dry scalps, and particularly aids in hydration and relieving itchiness. The thing we’re most impressed by is how it is made with naturally-derived surfactants, so your head won’t be stripped of the moisture it really needs.


A scalp treatment

Aveda Pramasana Scalp Detox Treatment, $138.


What: A monthly in-salon scalp treatment that promises to keep your scalp healthy, getting rid of product build-up and dirt. The treatment uses products from Aveda’s Pramasana range, which contains 96 per cent natural ingredients. Every product has a different scent for an added sensorial experience. Your scalp is cleansed, exfoliated with a special brush, then treated with a scalp-care mask and concentrate.

Where: Aveda salons, including Jeric Salon, #B4-48 Ion Orchard, tel: 6509-0709.

Verdict: “The scalp massage was intense yet pampering. My head felt so refreshed post-treatment, thanks, too, to the products used, which left a cooling sensation on the scalp. The fragrances that permeated the air during the treatment were absolutely relaxing.” – Dione Chen, beauty writer

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