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You don’t have to be a K-pop fan to know Sandara Park, the beautiful 33-year-old singer and one quarter of the now-defunct South Korean girl group 2NE1. Sandara’s  porcelain complexion is one of her trademarks so it’s surprising to learn that the K-pop star was once insecure about it as a teenager. Conscious of her freckles, Sandara even went to the extremes of guzzling vinegar to fade the spots.

Sandara who was recently in town for the filming of her four-episode television series, Get It Beauty On The Road, which is a local spinoff of the Korean beauty advice show Get It Beauty opened up about her attempts at homemade beauty remedies and let us in on her beauty philosophy and fitness plans. Here are some things you may or may not know about the pop star.


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She wants to gain weight

“Everyone has different body constitutions, and I was just born with this type of body constitution. I also have habits of people who are naturally thin – I frequently eat small servings of food. Moreover, some people gain weight when they are stressed but on the contrary, I lose weight. So I try to maintain my weight and work out with my trainer, focusing on exercises that do not make me lose physical strength. My trainer also said that gaining weight is harder than losing weight.”


She regrets not getting more bird’s nest when she was in Singapore

“It (Bird’s nest) was more interesting, fun and good because it is not well known in Korea. I felt like I’ve learned a great new tip. I wasn’t able to since I came back to Korea. I don’t know if they sell it here. I should have bought a lot of it from Singapore. I’ll get them the next time.”


She drank vinegar to brighten her complexion

“It was during my sensitive teenage years. I grew up in the Philippines where the sun was very hot. Back then, I did not use skincare products or even sunscreen. So I always had freckles. One day, I heard that drinking vinegar helps whiten the skin, and so I tried it without knowing how to drink it. I poured the vinegar into my parents’ soju glasses and drank it. The pain and taste and smell… it was really hard. When I told other people about it later, they were shocked. They told me I was supposed to dilute just a little bit of it in water.”

Photo: Dara/tvN Asia

On her makeup mishaps

“Everyone fails. For me, I like challenges, so sometimes I felt like I have failed but I don’t think that’s a failure. I was just a little too ahead of time. 3 years ago, I went to an event wearing a purple lip makeup. I think people were surprised because it was a little too dramatic. They asked, “Did your lips turn blue because it’s cold…?” But these days, I hear that purple makeup is popular.”


On guys who take a longer time to get ready

“There are men who are good at self-management and know how to dress well. My ex-boyfriend was very interested in fashion, so he always took a lot of time to style his hair and choose his clothes, shoes, and sunglasses. But since I am also very interested in fashion, I liked that and it was fun for me. We did shopping together. Personally, I prefer a man who dresses up than one who doesn’t.”

Photo: Dara/tvN Asia

On beauty emergencies like waking up with a huge zit

“It depends on the zit but… if swollen, I would put a cold green tea pack on it. If it’s prickly or spiky, I would make time to get an inflammation shot in the dermatology, even if it’s for 5 minutes. Redness can be covered with make-up, but protruding marks that cannot be hidden, so it will look ugly. Especially when shooting a beauty show … it can’t happen.”


Five minutes is all it takes for her to get ready for a date

“A BB cream and a lip makeup would be all. In fact, I enjoy 5-minute makeups on usual days. Sitting for long doesn’t necessarily make me prettier. I like to do only what is necessary quickly.”

Photo: Dara/tvN Asia

She is obsessed with face masks

“If I don’t have it (sheet masks), I would apply plenty of water pack or moisturizer before going to bed. Actually, a well-known and popular ancient Korean beauty tip, before there were any mask packs, was to slice a cucumber thinly and put it on the face. When I was young, my mum and I followed this a lot haha… Korean style!”


On what she would do if she only had $10 to spend at the drugstore or a beauty supplies store

“Honestly, I’m not familiar with the prices these days, so I don’t know what I can buy with $10, but I would buy a BB cream or a cushion foundation and a lip product to make my lip and cheeks look livelier.”


Tune in to tvN’s ‘Get It Beauty On The Road’ for more Sandara Park and beauty tips. The show will premiere on 10 July 2018 (every Tuesday) at 6.30pm on tvN Asia and 8pm on Hub E City.