Claire Danes
With a career spanning over two decades and an illustrious celebrity clientele including Claire Danes, Anna Friel and Joely Richardson, Charles Worthington is one Britain’s most sought after hairdressers.

So who better to quiz on gorgeous tresses that look like they are fresh from the salon chair than the award-winning hair expert?

Charles has revealed the science behind the art, sharing his top tips for healthy locks and how to overcome some of the most common hair problems.

The expert says that a beautiful barnet begins and ends with a nutritious diet.

“In the same way that skin can appear dull with a poor diet, you can’t expect to have shiny hair without eating well – those vitamins, minerals and nutrients from fruit and vegetables are essential. If you want to boost your diet with supplements, take vitamin B complex, zinc and omega-3,” he told the July issue of InStyle.

Charles also revealed how to fight the much-dreaded frizz. Unfortunately for those who often find themselves in a rush, he explained that you will have to spend time properly drying your hair to avoid the condition.

“Always use a hairdryer with a narrow nozzle and direct it down the hair shaft. It’s also essential to make sure hair is properly dry before you leave the house; if it’s even a bit damp, moisture in the air will make it frizz. To finish, smooth a serum from mid-lengths to tips to add gloss,” he said.

For more mature beauties, the celebrity hair stylist explained how to look after ageing locks.

He said that just like with skin, hair changes and requires a different regime as time progresses.

“As you get older, your hair is likely to get thinner, resulting in less body and bounce. Choose products formulated with a low pH, such as my Time Defy Salon Results Shampoo and Conditioner, as they’re less aggressive and will help smooth the hair’s cuticle,” he explained. © Cover Media