Guardian Beauty Awards 2019

Each year, go-to health and beauty store Guardian works with Her World, Shape and its fans to recognise the best of the health, beauty and personal care products on its shelves.

This year, on top of a new name and a refreshed category list, it’s also enlisted some fresh new faces for the Healthy Beauty Awards judging panel: fast-rising makeup artist Sahur Saleim (@sahursart) and one of Singapore’s most popular beauty influencers, Soh Peishi (@speishi).

Alongside editors from Her World and Shape, they’ll be bringing you the best product recommendations and expert tips to get the most from your Guardian buys. Get to know the two judges better, and find out more about their Healthy Beauty Awards judging experience.


Sahur Saleim


At just 21 years old, Pakistan-born, Singapore-raised Sahur has racked up an illustrious resume, with her work published in international magazines and frequently seen on local celebrities and influencers (Naomi Neo picked her for her wedding makeup). She’s also one of Singapore’s most-watched beauty personalities.

Not surprising, we say, given her prolific output of sassy makeup tutorials, swatches and skincare reviews on both her Instagram and Youtube accounts. It’s easy to see why she views beauty as a means of artistic expression, as she admits, “I love using makeup to go all out with my looks, and experiment with different colours and formulations.”



does it look like I put zero effort into my hair (because I really did) ‍♀️

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One thing I love about being a judge is…

Being able to try new products that I may not necessarily pick out for myself. It’s been a tiring process with no fewer than 85 products to test, and I don’t normally switch up my routine so much, but it was definitely rewarding and eye-opening. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by some of them!

I’m the kind of judge who…

Wouldn’t slam a product just because it doesn’t work for me. Instead, I like to consider what type of skin or lifestyle a product will work for.

One health and beauty store product I can’t get enough of…

The cotton rectangles from Guardian are everything! I love using them with micellar water to remove my makeup, apply toner and more. They’re so versatile and soft, plus they’re great value for money, which is important to me because I go through so many boxes each month.


Soh Peishi

Don’t be fooled by Peishi’s angelic mien: The girl-next-door vibe she exudes belies a savvy social media powerhouse with a following of over 300,000 and growing. A quick visit to her Instagram or Youtube accounts reveals the reason for her appeal: Her disarming charm and ability to laugh at herself makes her instantly relatable and #BFFgoals material, while her picture-perfect feed has many a follower clamouring to replicate that wholesome, bubbly vibe.

On how you can cop that, the 24-year-old shares, “I’m more into a natural look, makeup-wise, so I love exploring different ways to get that look. Of course, skincare plays a huge part when it comes to getting the perfect natural look, so I look out for products that help make my skin look dewy and flawless – the best canvas to work on.”


Goodbye SG in another week. Can’t wait already~ Take me away from work for a bit please.

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One thing I love about being a judge is…

Being able to try SO MANY different types of products that I might not pick for myself, and finding absolute gems among them. When the box first arrived, it was massive and filled to the brim – it was overwhelming! But it’s been quite an adventure testing them all, and I managed to find some good products that I see myself using more often.

I’m the kind of judge who…

Usually sticks to one product that I love for years once I find it. So I guess that makes me quite picky.

One health and beauty product hack I’d like to share…

Is adding hair oil into my treatment mask. It’s an affordable and intensive treatment for hair, that makes it look like you’ve just stepped out of the salon!


You can be a Guardian Healthy Beauty Awards judge too

Let your voice be heard by voting in the Fans’ Favourites category, and stand to win Guardian product hampers worth up to $300! Simply head over to Guardian Healthy Beauty Awards 2019 to vote for your preferred products.