Roseline: I used to have normal skin even during my teens (no acne problems!) but since I turned 30 recently, my T-zone has become oily and pimples have started to pop up on my forehead and chin. My skin also looks dull. Why is this so and can I use products from different labels at one time? Also, if I use a whitening serum, can I use a hydrating one at the same time or should I use a whitening serum, followed by a hydrating moisturiser?

Pearlyn: Yes, everything seems to go a little downhill once you hit 30, doesn’t it? Dr Alvin Wong, medical director of SKN MediAesthetics, tells me that one common reason for later-age acne is using the wrong skincare products that can trigger off reactions. According to SK-II’s beauty trainer, skin becomes drier as we age because of hormonal changes, UV exposure and dietary habits. It’s also advisable to use products from the same label for the best results as the ingredients in each will be more compatible with one another. As to whether you should use a serum and moisturiser for different purposes, Dr Wong says if you don’t have a major acne problem, using a hydrating moisturiser first can prepare skin so whitening serums become more effective.