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I want to wear pretty skin-baring sandals in this hot weather. How do I make sure my feet look presentable?

We pamper our hands with hand creams and regular manicures, but we may not pay as much attention to our feet.

So before you slip them into toe-baring sandals, you might want to get them in shape first.

Dr Tan Hiok Hee, senior consultant dermatologist at the Thomson Specialist Skin Centre, advises using a pumice stone to remove rough skin patches on the feet and applying moisturiser after that.


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Toenails, whether painted with nail polish or left bare, should be cut straight across and free of trapped dirt.


If your toenails are grey and dull-looking, it could be a sign of underlying medical or dermatological issues such as deficiencies in certain vitamins or minerals, says Dr Tan. You should seek medical help.

If your feet are otherwise healthy, but could do with some pampering, try these home treatments:


1. Kocostar Foot Moisture Pack (14ml), $7, and Foot Peeling Pack (14ml), $15, from Sephora

Made using various plant extracts, the moisture pack is said to moisturise dry feet, while the peeling pack helps remove dead skin.

The packs come with sock-like wraps for your feet.

2. Perfect Fresh foot cream (70ml), $13, from Innisfree

The non-greasy foot cream, which contains lemon balm and mint, is great for impatient users – it is said to absorb quickly into the skin.


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3. BeBe foot mask (20ml for two), $12.90, from Etude House

This slip-on mask, which must be left on for at least an hour, is supposed to leave feet feeling smooth and smelling good.

4. Peppermint smoothing foot scrub (100ml), $21.90, from The Body Shop

This scrub contains peppermint oil and volcanic rock granules which are said to help smooth away rough patches of hardened skin.

Massage the scrub in circular movements over wet feet and rinse with warm water.



5. Foot Cool Refresh (80g), $20, Orbis

The oil-free product is said to promote blood circulation, relieve swelling and replenish the skin’s moisture. The spray nozzle has knobs to massage the foot after application.


This story was originally published in The Straits Times.