The best makeup tools to invest in
If beautiful makeup is on your beauty wish list for 2013, then make sure you have the right tools.

While there are countless beauty goodies on the market, all promising a flawless face – your biggest makeup investment should be a good set of makeup brushes.

That’s the advice from celebrity makeup artist Sue Moxley.

“Brushes are hugely important,” says Sue, who has worked with a whole host of celebrities.

“It’s pointless having nice makeup if it isn’t applied properly – and that doesn’t mean with your fingers.”

But with so many makeup brushes to choose between, what are our best options?

“It’s important to invest in the best quality brushes you can afford as they will be longer lasting and not shed their hairs,” says Sue.

“The best quality brushes are made from goat hair, which is just trimmed from the animal, so it’s not at all cruel.

“Cheaper brushes are usually synthetic and can be hard and scratchy.”

Once you’ve invested in a nice set of brushes, Sue says maintenance is key.

“If you look after your brushes by gently cleansing them with baby shampoo they should last a lifetime.

“Also your application will be smoother and more accurate,” she adds.

Here are some makeup brushes to look out for.

Foundation Brush
Using a brush to apply foundation is a must as it enables you to apply evenly, reach any small areas like around the nose and it’s far more hygienic than using your fingers or a sponge.

Lip Brush
Using a lip brush enables you to create a perfectly even lip line which you cannot achieve using lipstick straight from the tube.

Blusher Brush
Use this brush to apply your blusher across your cheekbones upwards and outwards to create defined cheekbones. © Cover Media