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There are swipers, and there are tappers. And they stick to their preferred method regardless of the kind of foundation they use, or the result of each action – swiping or tapping. That’s why YSL Beaute’s makeup sponge for its Touche Eclat Le Cushion foundation is designed to give you the coverage you want – no matter if you swipe or tap.

It has two halves for two finishes: the smooth half for a natural makeup look; and the softer, raised half for fuller coverage. What’s cooler: The sponge works even with other foundations.

Photo: Courtesy of YSL Beaute

Admittedly, I was excited when I read about the French brand’s Touche Eclat Le Cushion and all that it can do in the press release so naturally, I took it out for a spin to see if it really lives up to the hype (B20 is my shade). I generally favour an overall natural makeup finish so it goes without saying that I used the smooth side a lot, but for areas that need more coverage (undereye, for example), I used the flocked side to achieve that result. I didn’t even need to top up with concealer afterwards to cover up my dark circles.

I wore it on a typical workday (I leave for work at 7.30am and only get home around 8pm after dinner) and it really stayed put without needing any touch-up, even though my skin gets fairly oily on the T-zone area by midday. After more than 10 hours of wear, my skin still had a dewy glow at 7pm, as if I had just applied the foundation.

I wore it to a family brunch on a casual weekend and my sister took notice of my smooth, even complexion. “Whatever you’re using, it’s making your skin look really good and healthy – it’s like your skin but better,” she said. I told her I was test-driving the Le Cushion and needless to say, she was excited to try it for herself when I showed her the elegant gold cushion compact.

I wore it to a Sunday excursion to the bird park and despite constant perspiration (thanks to the insanely humid weather), it stayed on my skin fairly well and not much product came off on the tissues that I used to wipe sweat off my face. My complexion did not look as radiant at the end of the day but hey, my blemishes were still very well concealed so no complaints there. The only gripe I have with the Le Cushion is that it is not transfer-proof – it stained the sunnies that I put on to protect my eyes from the sun.

Photo: Courtesy of YSL Beaute

My take on the Le Cushion? It hits all the right notes for me and really has what I look for in a good foundation – medium to high coverage and long-lasting wear while allowing my skin to look like itself, not a caked up version. For its ability to give my skin a healthy, fresh-faced look, I am willing to forgive that it’s not transfer-proof (I’ll just have to be more careful with my sunnies). The Le Cushion is officially my everyday must-have.

The YSL Beaute Touche Eclat Le Cushion is available in eight shades. Each is $92; the refill is $58.


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This story first appeared in the October 2017 issue of Her World magazine.