Photo: Courtesy of Chanel

1. It’s packed with potent goodness 

The wonder-workers in this gilded pot of Chanel’s new Sublimage La Creme ($546) are potent molecules extracted from a Madagascan plant called vanilla planifolia. The plants are grown in Chanel’s open-sky nurseries in north-western Madagascar, under the watchful eye of trained workers who harvest the plant’s pods at exactly the right time – when the pods produce a high amount of powerful anti-ageing molecules – and ship them directly to Chanel’s Research and Technology Laboratories in Pantin, France. 

And what exactly can these molecules do for your visage? According to the brand, the molecules help to firm up sagginess while targeting dryness and visible pores too. The verdict: I used the cream for two weeks, twice a day, and noticed that my complexion looked slightly firmer, less tired and more hydrated and radiant. Another bonus: my laugh lines appeared softer. 

2. It comes in two textures

Pick Texture Supreme if you’ve got particularly parched skin – it provides a boost of hydration sans greasiness, but just make sure you give it a minute or two to sink in. Texture Fine is more suited to folks with oily skin and delivers hydration via a lighter, more easily absorbed formula.

3. It works as a lovely pre-makeup skin treat

This moisturiser works beautifully to plump up and hydrate skin, allowing foundation to glide on like a dream afterwards. I notice that my makeup “clings” better to my skin and seems to last longer without the need for mid-day touch-ups, making it the perfect pick for lazy lasses like me.