Alright so before I begin, allow me a preface: Prior to checking this anti-ageing line out, I wasn’t on the Innisfree bandwagon. Hold back the pitchforks and let me explain.

I’d always assumed that the Korean brand was specifically for East Asian skin-types, and since mine isn’t, I thought it’d be best not to risk it.

Don’t get me wrong though, I love exploring new beauty products. I’m always on the hunt for new additions to my skincare regime, but I’m pretty particular about what I add because, well, blemishes and breakouts. No thank you.

Then the time came. Innisfree launched three new additions to their Jeju Orchid line: Orchid Enriched Essence ($48), Orchid Skin ($34), and Orchid Lotion ($34). It’s been about four weeks since I’ve started using these products (a good timeline to gauge for adverse reactions), and here are some of the big finds:

1. It’s extremely hydrating

I wouldn’t go so far as to say I could feel my skin soaking up the nutrients, but I will give these products this: I did notice a clear difference, especially the morning after. My face felt a lot more bouncy, and I honestly felt like I’d lost very little of that moisture the next morning (note: I sleep with the AC on). I stopped using it at night a week after I first started and slotted it into in my morning regime instead, but I’ll touch on that in a bit.

2. It’s scented, but not too strongly

The only thing worse than having a terrible-smelling moisturiser is having one that’s far too strong. The great thing about this line is that the smell lingers on your face, but it’s refreshingly light such that it doesn’t clash with your favourite perfume. I even put it to the test – I applied a liberal amount before watching a movie with friends, and none of them noticed any difference. Sure, they might have been insufficiently observant, but if the scent wasn’t strong enough to pique their attention, then it’s a pass in my books. 

3. It’s a good daily staple

You know how some products are incredibly hydrating, but they’re just too heavy-duty to use everyday? Well this isn’t anything like it. I was apprehensive the entire first week, convinced that I’d start breaking out because of clogged pores given how moisturising it was. And okay, I did break out – but it was purely because it was the dreaded time of the month. After that gruelling period however, my skin went back to normal, and I’m happy to report it’s remained that way. What this means is that it’s good even when your hormonal balance might be, well, imbalanced.

4. It’s very tacky

Specifically, the Jeju Orchid essence is extremely tacky. This is a bit of a neither-here-nor-there for me. I love having a hydrated face, and I know that some of the top moisturisers leave a sticky residue, but it just isn’t my ideal finish. 

I absolutely abhor going to sleep with a tacky face, but remember how I mentioned swapping it out of my night skincare routine? I’ve found that using it works really well as a primer for my makeup. My concealer went a full day without creasing, and my foundation applied so much more evenly. I’d still recommend using a proper eyelid primer for more intense eyeshadow looks, but the tackiness in this product makes it an excellent primer that also keeps the skin well-hydrated throughout the day.

I’ll admit it: I’m a convert. It’s honestly impressed me with how well it does its job. So the ultimate question: Should you buy it? If you’re extremely particular about tacky products, then you might want to stay away from the line. Otherwise, step right up to the line because the benefits far outweigh the discomfort of a tolerable tacky finish. 


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