Review of 1-day ACUVUE® DEFINE® Beauty Lens (Pack)

In an era where the boundaries of beauty are pushed to the precipice every day, it has never been more refreshing to discover the subtlest of ways to enhance one’s natural attractiveness. 

We’re fully invested in everything from Korea’s glass skin trend to the world’s 40-year-long obsession with Brooke Shields’ bushy brows, so when ACUVUE® joined the conversation with Define® by ACUVUE®, a beauty contact lens series that focuses on enhancing our natural beauty and style, we were beyond stoked to give it a go. 

Endorsement by K-pop heart-throbs Twice meant that news of 1-day Define® by ACUVUE® Radiant Chic™ and 1-day Define® by ACUVUE® Radiant Sweet™ lenses was infiltrating our social media feeds before we could even lay hands on them, but that gave us ample time to envisage how we might integrate the lenses into our signature beauty looks.  

Here, our reviewer, Valerie, tries Define® by ACUVUE® for the first time to bring you some 20/20 insight on it:


Seeing the world through coloured lens

“Despite being a seasoned prescription contact-lens wearer, I had never once considered coloured lenses. The challenge of trying them for the first time put me in the mood for adventure, and I figured there was no better occasion to also change up other routines of mine, like my everyday makeup. 


“Fellow creatures of habit would probably understand my frustration of hitting the pan on only two colours out of a 12-shade eyeshadow palette, or running out of one gloss in a hefty lippie collection. However, trying the 1-day Define® by ACUVUE® Radiant Chic™ lenses made me feel like dipping my toes into uncharted waters – or rather, my brush into my untouched makeup shades. Because the coloured lenses transformed the hue of my irises, I zhuzhed my everyday makeup look by swapping out my usual clear glossy lips for two shades of matte lipsticks, in hopes of complementing the soft brown lenses.


Valerie swapped out her usual clear glossy lips for a matte “my lips but better” shade

“This wave of inspiration persisted, and for the first time, I felt compelled to change up my look before heading out of the office for a night out with my gal pals. Slapping on some lip liner and long-wearing lipstick made me feel ready to conquer a night of feasting.

Valerie decided on a red lip for the night to bring out the light brown streaks of the Radiant Chic lenses. 

“As one who constantly defies opticians’ instructions by wearing my prescription contacts for up to 18 hours a day, I find that there is, perhaps, no greater relief than removing sandpaper-esque lenses at 2am (don’t try this, because I’m told that you really shouldn’t keep them in that long!). So I was pleasantly surprised that I could barely feel the Define® by ACUVUE® beauty lenses even after 15 hours of wear. When ACUVUE® designed its LACREON® technology to permanently embed a water-holding ingredient into its lenses for up to 20 hours of moisturised comfort, it was clearly not playing around. 

“I also felt at ease to know that the pigment which gave the lenses their colour was enclosed between two layers of lens material, and not in contact with my eyes. 

“Since the translucent-layer design of Define® by ACUVUE® lenses is created to accentuate one’s natural eye beauty and looks different on every wearer, check out Define® by ACUVUE® for yourself to find out how to own your unique signature!” 


1-day Define® by ACUVUE® Radiant Chic™ and 1-day Define® by ACUVUE® Radiant Sweet™ are available on ACUVUE®’s Qoo10 page