strip singapore skin rejuvenation IPL treatment review

We’re no strangers to Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology. That said, most of us are primarily aware of it as a fairly effective method of long-term hair removal. What you might not know, is that the technology can also be used for other purposes, like this “skin rejuvenating” treatment by Strip.

It’s not the first time we’ve tried an IPL facial in efforts to boost our skin. We’ve also tried the Glow to Go facial at Estheclinic that uses similar technology, if not the same one.

What is it all about?

The thing that puts Strip and Estheclinic in a different league from most other IPL treatments is that both use a slightly different type of IPL technology that allows the treatment to feel painless (or as pain free as possible).

Instead of the hot single pulses of light most people expect from IPL (which can hurt or feel like they’re singeing your skin), these two brands use a more gradual IPL technology that delivers quick low pulses of light. These gradually build up the heat in your skin, either to destroy the hair follicle (for hair removal), or to boost cell renewal.

Strip’s Skin Rejuvenation IPL in particular is meant to target fine lines, pigmentation, and broken capillaries over a series of at least six sessions. They also allow you to get it done anywhere on the body that you would get regular IPL hair removal done. So in theory, you could pair your hair removal IPL treatments with a skin rejuvenating one that can be done immediately after…we do love beauty efficency. 

My experience with the treatment

My biggest skin concerns before beginning the treatment were dull skin, large pores and pigmentation, so I was psyched to see some real results post-IPL. Unlike the super quick Estheclinic treatment (which took all of 10 minutes), I was told this would take about 40 to 50 minutes. A lot longer than I expected, but I was intrigued to find out why.    

The therapist first applied an incredibly cold gel-like mask to my face in order to protect the skin, much like you’d need with any IPL treatment. She didn’t apply it to the whole of my face…just the half she was going to work on first.

strip singapore skin rejuvenation IPL treatment review - gel mask

How it feels with the gel on your face when some of it inevitably gets in your hair


I was expecting her to sweep the machine across my skin in broad strokes, but she was surprisingly focused and attentive to smaller more specific areas of my face at a time. The most attention was given to my jaw, and then the rest of my cheek, before she finished up with the other side of my face and moved on to my upper lip. The forehead came last, which was just as well because the gel applied was so cold I got something of a slight brain freeze.

I truly felt no warmth or pain at all throughout the entire ordeal, though I’m not entirely certain if it’s a result of how cold the gel was or the lower powered light pulses.

There was one rather unfortunate side to the processes that I wasn’t too happy with, which was that the gel was applied straight to my skin without any prior cleansing. When your treatment is at the end of the day, you ideally want someone to make sure all the grime and dirt from the day is removed from your pores before a gel is applied and massaged into the skin.

That said, consider this a tip or warning to please ask your therapist if she will cleanse your face beforehand.

After the gel was removed, I had something called the SCO Ace Cream (sold at Strip and Browhaus outlets for $90) applied to my skin, meant to elevate the results of the IPL and further brighten the skin.

STRIP SCO Ace Cream $90

Image: SCO Ace Cream, $90

I met a friend and fellow beauty colleague for dinner right after, and the first thing she noticed was how radiant my skin looked.

The final verdict

I noticed over the next couple of days that the skin along my jaw was smoother and my overall skin tone was more even. Even though I’d been makeup-free for months, there was a definite improvement in the radiance of my skin without makeup on.  

There were a couple of blemishes that cropped up within the day, but that’s likely avoidable if you have a clean face to start with.   

Strip lists the treatment on their website in 10 session packages, and they charge a whopping $5,136 for 10 full face sessions. They won’t allow you to purchase single sessions, though you can purchase a more wallet-friendly six-session package which comes in at $3,082. If you’re lucky, they might have an ongoing promotional price that will save you a lot of money.

Would I pay $5,000 for 10 sessions? If I was rolling in cash, I wouldn’t hesitate. But the sensible and budget-driven Singaporean in me is more inclined to say yes based on the current promotional price of $720 for six sessions. It’s been about six days since I tried the treatment, and my skin still looks radiant and balanced, even at 5pm.

Strip is unable to disclose when the promotion ends (it started in January) though we expect it’s sometime soon, so if you’ve been considering some light therapy for your face and struggle with pigmentation, now’s your chance to hop on it. It’s something worth looking into with how fuss-free it is. There’s no downtime whatsoever, and it’s completely painless. Fancy a go? Head on over to for more information.


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