Where: SK-II Boutique Spa by Senze Salus

Treatment: Senze Awakening Add-On Treatment, incorporated into the spa’s signature Senzational Facial, which includes a 55-step face massage to strengthen the skin and give it a glow. The Add-On Treatment is meant to provide specialised care for a targeted area. It doesn’t use SK-II skincare products. Instead, the Senze Awakening Add-On uses a handheld device fitted with one of four treatment capsules of your choice: for intensive hydration and repair; to rejuvenate and revitalise; to firm and lift; to brighten skin and give it radiance. 

Price and duration: The 15-min Add-on Treatment costs $160; the 90-min Senzational Facial we tried costs $260.

Products used: SK-II Boutique Spa is the first of its kind in the world and all their treatments feature Japanese skincare brand SK-II’s products, including the iconic Facial Treatment Essence.

What to expect: Every facial at the spa starts with a skin analysis to look at the state of the skin. The scan revealed that my skin age is about 10 years younger than my actual age. While my skin was generally firm and had good wrinkle resilience, texture and radiance, what pulled my score down was pigmentation.

The first part of the facial concentrates on cleansing (with a cleansing oil and cleansing foam), and then a sonic cleanser that gently removes up to seven layers of dead skin cells without dragging on or damaging skin. Then, a hydration mask and steaming (using distilled water, as the spa has done away with tap water), and manual extraction.

Next, the highlight and my favourite part: a lengthy massage on the upper body and face – and where the add-on treatment comes in. After seeing how my pigmentation is letting my complexion down, I’d asked my therapist to focus on skin brightening and luminosity

The device used in the add-on treatment combines electromagnetic pulses, LED light and a serum treatment capsule to give your skin customised care. The electromagnetic pulses convert into energy, which you feel as a slight warming sensation and gentle vibrations as the therapist moves the device all over your face and neck, delivering the brightening serum across the skin. There is just a slight buzz when the device goes over bony areas like the jawline but it’s not uncomfortable. My therapist suggest using red LED light for anti-ageing and collagen synthesis.  

The combined treatments end with SK-II sheet masks, as well as an ultrasound device that boost penetration and absorption. A routine of skincre products is then applied.  

The results: An immediate plumping effect where my usual fine lines and frown lines looked a lot less visible. The next morning, my skin was much brighter, hydrated, more translucent and clear. My makeup simply glided on and my complexion had a healthy radiance. The effect lasted for four days. 

Verdict: The facial is a hybrid of luxe skincare, great massage and aesthetic beauty tech, which, combined, offers results you can see on your skin.

SK-II Boutique Spa is at #02-26B Raffles City Shopping Centre, tel: 6336-4880