Wanting to save time in the morning, I was early-ish convert to the BB cream phenomenon, although I quickly moved onto the CC cream craze when it arrived, loving the addition of ‘colour correcting’ pigments that they’re named for. Still, as an avid user of Clarins’ products ‒ I’m still totally in love with its UV Plus UV Plus Anti-Pollution SPF 50/PA++++ sunscreen ‒ I thought I’d give the Clarins BB Beauty Perfector SPF 30/PA+++ a go.


singapore beauty review clarins new bb cream foundation sunscreen DECOR

Clarins BB Beauty Perfector SPF 30/PA+++ is a bit of a mouthful, but basically it’s a BB cream with additional sun and pollution protection. According to the brand, the version we can get in Singapore has been ‘specially designed for Asian skin’. Anyway, the brand says that this BB cream has a ‘combination of a 100% mineral screen and a 100% plant duo for skin which is ideally protected against the harmful effects of the sun and environmental factor’. This is the ‘anti-pollution’ component of the active ingredients. The brand also says that this BB cream has a ‘special 3D Radiance pigment’ which consists of a ‘multi-layer structure to create an optical “soft focus” effect which minimises the look of imperfections and makes the skin surface appear smoother and more even, for a totally natural result’.

OK, so yes, this product does work the same way as any BB cream does ie. it gives you coverage with a bit of additional sun protection. The Clarins version gives relatively good coverage actually, it could be considered a bit thicker than the usual BB cream. It doesn’t give super sheer or light coverage like you get with a BB cushion product for example.  

In fact the coverage could be considered a little too heavy if you’re prone to blemishes or have oily skin. I found that while it was perfect when I was in a slightly cooler, drier climate, in Singapore’s hot sticky weather it did tend to clog my pores. 

The colour looks quite dark just out of the tube, but it blends out into something that suits both the fairer parts of my face as well as counteracting the reddened areas too, so I think it will work well for a number of different skin tones, although perhaps not for the super fair or super tanned. There are two colours available however – Fair and Natural – so make sure you pick the correct one for your skin tone.

Although the brand doesn’t specifically state that this product is good for sensitive skin, my relatively sensitive skin didn’t have any problems with liberal use of this BB cream; although I did get a couple of blemishes (as I mentioned above) but that could have been due more to the richness of the product; I certainly didn’t break out in rashes or acne.

If you have a tendency towards drier skin and are looking for good coverage this could be the perfect BB cream for you. The benefit of the high sun protection, however, it something that everyone can take advantage of; especially if you’re rushing in the morning and are looking to skip a makeup routine step. 🙂 

Clarins BB Beauty Perfector SPF 30/PA+++ $74, is available from all Clarins beauty counters in Singapore 

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