Why you should get this serum, stat

Okay, first things first. The Blue Serum isn’t blue in hue – but as you’ll soon find out, the tint-free treatment works out just fine for discerning skin snobs such as yours truly.

Here’s what Chanel says this chic little concoction will do. For starters, the product pivots on the principle of “longevity” – that is, you should look towards living longer and living better instead of agonising over ageing. Supple skin – a hallmark of health – will follow. This intuitive idea is one of those why-didn’t-anyone-think-of-this-earlier moments – so ingenious, right?

As you might imagine, there’s a ton of tech that went into the siring of the serum, but it suffices to say that the lab-coated scientists sequestered away in Chanel’s R&D quarters have pored through reams of data on 800 centenarians dwelling in the eponymous “blue zones” of the globe to conjure up this “elixir” that endeavours to enhance the vigour and vitality of your complexion. The end game? Skin that’s both youthful and healthy in appearance. 


But what’s in the beauty brew? Glad you asked. Expect an apothecary’s worth of beautifying botanicals brimming with antioxidant actives – chief of which is a “blue zone” trio of Costa Rican green coffee, Sardinian olives and Greek lentisk gum – the sum result of which is a richly restorative serum that promises to be a serious lifesaver when it comes to shielding your damaged dermis from the smog and stress of urban life. Throw in a subtly scented symphony of green tea, white florals plus musk and we’ve got ourselves a formidable face enhancer that’s the one to beat this year.

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What I make of the product in the flesh

Chanel Skincare has always flirted right at the very edge of cosmeceutical territory, so this sciencey serum is a perfectly logical progression of the brand. But does it work?

Well, I’ve had about a week to test-drive this buzzworthy baby, so I’m happy to report that it’s well worth sussing out.

The “universal” product is said to be good for all skin types (impress your beauty-obsessed BFFs by casually referring to this treatment as being “transversal”), and is meant to be applied first thing after sudsing up and splashing off in the shower.

I love how this salve melts within minutes into a glistening gel that sinks straight in, no smearing or spreading required. The gorgeous glide also makes this potion perfect for priming purposes; pat it on under facepaint and you’ll find that your makeup pigments will “grab” better and last longer.

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Given its comforting consistency, this fluid is also fantastic for fortifying your skin against fine lines and wrinkles at night, especially if you’re sleeping in a skin-desiccating air-conditioned room. Do as I do and massage a dollop or two into rough and raised patches as the first step in your evening regime, and you should awaken to a visibly lifted visage and a complexion that’s calm, cool and collected.

Oh yeah, maximum marks possible for packaging, too. The exquisite “elixir” is ensconced in an eye-wateringly elegant white vial – a truly couture-like collectible that demands pride of place in your powder room.

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The bottomline

I’m pleased as punch to say that smoothing this serum into my face every night for a mere week appears to have ironed out the creases and crinkles on my cheeks. Better than Botox? (Full disclosure: I’m in my early thirties.) My skin is also suppler and springier than ever, and I feel like it tacks on the appearance of a good eight hours of sleep to nights when I’m hardly getting any.

Yes, I could rave about the Blue Serum until I’m well, blue in the face, but the proof, as they say, is in the pudding. My advice: Blow your monthly beauty budget on this investment piece – it’s $160 a pop for 30ml – because what price perfection, right?

Right, then. You know the drill: Let me know if this nifty new hero product worked as well for you as it did for me. Cheers, and good luck getting out of the red and into the blue.

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