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Who doesn’t love running a warm, soapy bubble bath to soak and relax in

But if you think about it, the fact that there’s a bunch of not-so-good chemicals in our tap water that can damage our hair and skin is appalling.

What’s worse is that most of the time we don’t even realise that the chemicals are present because our wonderful-smelling bath bombs and bubble baths can almost completely mask the odors like the distinctly nasty scent of chlorine.

According to shower filter brand Sonaki Singapore, in Singapore’s PUB waterworks, our tap water is treated and disinfected using chlorine. This chemical is what makes our tap water free from bacteria and keeps it safe for drinking, but while it keeps the water germ-free, it can also cause eczema, dry skin and damaged hair when used for showering.

Other chemicals and metal elements present in our water in trace amounts include mercury, lead and selenium, according to water tests done by Refresh Wellness, another shower filter brand in Singapore.


How tap water affects our skin and hair

Photo: Instagram / Sonaki Sg

Our hair and skin has natural layers of protective sebum or oils to keep it healthy and moisturised, but constant and prolonged exposure to these harsh chemicals like chlorine can strip away this beneficial sebum layer and lead to dry, dull and damaged hair and skin.

That’s why taking long baths or showers can even aggravate skin sensitivity, hair loss and dandruff conditions.


Filters can help

Good news, you don’t have to live with the detrimental effects of tap water, installing a simple filter can greatly reduce the amount of chlorine and other chemicals and metals in your shower and bath water.

We tried these two filters for a month and saw subtle but visible improvements to our skin and hair.




Sonaki VitaC Showerhead

With a pharmaceutical grade, vitamin C chlorine filter built-in, this shower head takes away up to 99 percent of chlorine, plus it infuses the water with vitamin C that’s beneficial for skin.

To do the job, the filter contains vitamin C derivative, ascorbic acid, in the shower head’s handle. This filter lasts for three to six months depending on the amount of water you dispense from it. When the ascorbic acid in the handle runs out, that’s when you need to replace the filter, which you can buy separately.

Our roadtest: The shower head is easy to install onto any universal shower pipe fitting and I could do it without any tools. Just twist off the old shower head and screw on the new Sonaki shower head. When I ran a bath with the new shower head, without any bath bombs or bubble bath gel in it, the water smelled clear from chlorine. I could feel the difference when I ran the water on my usually coarse hair, which felt smoother and softer instantly and with every day I used this shower head. I also noticed that I had significantly less hair fall. Yay to fewer and further in-between drain hair clogs.

Available on Lazada, Qoo10, Watsons and at its website. From $21 for the VitaC Filter 3-Pack Refills, to $99.90 for the Crystal shower head.


Refresh Wellness Refresh Milk Shower Filters

These filters come without a shower head and you can install it along the pipe of a shower or at the end of a tap or even directly on a shower head. It comes in three variants – Lavender, Lemon and Unscented – the first two has the additional benefit of infusing the water with aromatherapeutic scents, while the latter is purely a filter.

This brand’s filters have been independently tested to remove up to nine different chemicals and heavy metals from chlorine to lead and even arsenic. Each filter lasts from three to six months depending on the amount of water dispensed from it.

Our roadtest: Just as easy to install by twisting and screwing on the connectors between the pipe and the faucet. We tried the Lavender variant first and was instantly treated to water that was infused with the relaxing and natural relaxing floral scent. Perfect for an extra soothing shower or bath at the end of a long day. Skin felt subtly more supple and hydrated after using this filter for about a week, even without applying body lotion.

Available at the brand’s website here, $58 for each Refresh Milk Shower Filter in Lavender, Lemon or Unscented.


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