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Salon-fresh hair is something I used to look forward to every six weeks, after my regular visit to my hairdresser. I used to leave the salon feeling happy and pretty – hair cut to shape, smooth, sleek and full of body, and with zero flyaways. 

Now, with circuit breaker in place, and hair salons closed (or about to re-open to offer haircuts only), I’m not getting any of my six-weekly I-just-came-out-of-the-salon hit. My hair has grown out into a completely different hairstyle, it’s out of shape and limp, and the colour, let’s not even go there. 

It’s funny, because while I can make do with very little makeup, I hate looking less than groomed when it comes to my hair. It’s embarrassing, really, turning up at video calls looking like… that.

The leave-in hair treatment that could help

leave-in hair
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Shiseido Professional Sublimic Wonder Shield is a leave-in hair treatment you’re supposed to use every three days. It’s said to protect your hair from heat, humidity and environmental pollutants while making it soft, smooth and silky. 

What it does is make your hair look like you’ve just stepped out of the salon. 

The formula is hydrophobic, which means it prevents your hair from absorbing excess water when you wash it, so the moisture balance in each strand is just right. It’s also supposed to extend the life of your hair colour.  

At the same time, Shiseido Professional Sublimic Wonder Shield protects hair against chlorine, and helps extend the results of an in-salon hair treatment.

What happened when I used it

leave-in hair

I shampoo my hair as usual but don’t use a conditioner as I find it weighs down my fine hair too much. I towel-dry my hair, then spray five to six spritzes of the essence mist from the bottle. 

I’m not sure if I’m using too little (or too much) because the instructions only say to apply “an appropriate amount”, and to work it through the hair, concentrating on the ends.

It has a nice pleasant scent, and unlike many hair products I’ve used, I don’t feel like I need to hold my breath. 

I bring out the hair dryer, something I rarely use because I normally leave my hair to air-dry. I don’t really have a method for using a hair dryer (no brush!) so I just work it all over my hair until it feel reasonably dry.

I get a surprise when I look in the mirror. 

My hair is voluminous and looks incredibly airy. It’s the kind of airiness you can only achieve when using a roller brush at high heat – done by a professional. I achieved mine by haphazardly running my fingers through my hair while using the hair dryer on low heat.

My hair is soft – really soft – and sleek-looking. It shines, and the colour, slightly brassy with neglect, looks richer and more intense.  

Did the effects last three days? The results were best the next day, slowly tapering off over the next three to four days. 

At Day Two and Day Three, I notice that the flyaways and frizz that irk me so much while I’m in #WFH, were barely there. My hair feels smoother when I wash it too. 

At Day Five, my hair still feels smooth, although it’s lost the volume and airiness of Day One. 

I’m looking forward to fully putting Shiseido Professional Sublimic Wonder Shield to the test after circuit breaker restrictions are eased so that I can test how it protects my hair against external aggressors like heat, humidity, pollution and, when I get back into the pool, chlorine. Until that day comes, I’m just excited about my next video call (here’s how to look and sound good when video conferencing), where I can show off my salon-like hair to my team.

Shiseido Professional Sublimic Wonder Shield costs $56 for 125ml, and is available at When stores re-open after circuit breaker, you can find it at selected Shiseido Professional Sublimic salons, including Shunji Matsuo (Ngee Ann City), Leekaja Beauty Salon and M Plus (Tampines). Find your nearest Shiseido Professional salon here