Photo: Instagram/Jurlique

Jurlique’s iconic Herbal Recovery Gel is the multitasking miracle serum that I used in the 2000’s when I went to grad school in Sydney and suddenly found my skin both dehydrated and breaking out at the same time. It kept my skin happy and hydrated then, without a moisturiser and smelled amazing to boot. Plus the biodynamic, all natural skincare philosophy really appealed to my inner hippie.

Launched in 1994, Jurlique has now launched a reformulation of the Herbal Recovery Signature range with higher concentrations of botanical extracts. The old formulas have been enhanced with 3.7 times the original dose of antioxidant-rich viola tricolor extract which helps minimise the signs of ageing and reduces dullness and yarrow extract which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a smoother skin texture resulting in a more youthful appearance.

“These two pure and potent botanicals are exclusively grown, harvested and extracted at their organic farm in the South Australia Hills, and handpicked only when the plant actives are at their peak. This gives these ingredients the ultimate power to smooth and protect your skin,” shares Dr Hitoshi Imamura, Managing Director of Product Development, Jurlique International.

The viola and yarrow extracts are combined with new ingredients including extracts of nasturtium, red clover flower, Japanese cedar bud and Persian silk tree to combat dullness, fine lines for youthful looking complexion.

Sensorial pleasure is so important to help us stick to a skincare routine – when using something becomes a pleasurable experience, we tend to use it more regularly. Those who love the original floral scent of the Herbal Recovery Gel will be pleased to find out that this range also smells of rose and lavender, with additional hints of fresh citrus and green herbs.

Herbal Recovery Signature Mist, $72

What it is:

A hydrating moisture mist infused with the new nasturtium extract to brighten and soften skin, prepping it for your next skin care step. The signature Jurlique blend of rose, marshmallow root, lavender and calendula plus yarrow extract works like an antioxidant infusion, while protecting skin from environmental aggressors.

How it feels like:

The pump spray dispenses a very fine mist and smells like a treat. Amazing pick me up in the mornings and a calming ritual at night. I loved using this over makeup as well to hydrate and refresh skin that’s dehydrated from the aircon. When used before massaging a face oil into skin, really helped the oil to absorb quicker as well. If it was cheaper, I might just keep spritzing it onto my face every half hour.


Herbal Recovery Signature Serum, from $130 (30ml)

What it is:

This serum combats fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone with the new red clover extract. Extracts of antioxidant-rich viola tricolor and yarrow are combined with Japanese cedar bud and beech tree bud to powerfully firm and hydrate. The new Advanced Gel Technology in the formula forms a protective film on the skin’s surface to improve moisture retention.  

How it feels like:

Light liquid texture that absorbs quickly into the skin, doesn’t leave a greasy or sticky film. I have a bad habit of applying face serum all over, even on my eye area, and happy to report this did not sting the eyes. I could apply my moisturiser almost immediately (maybe half a minute?) after this serum.


Herbal Recovery Signature Moisturising Cream, $102

What it is:

A deeply nourishing moisturiser with new Japanese cedar bud extract and yarrow, that softens lines and wrinkles while improving skin’s barrier function. Marshmallow root moisturises and viola tricolor helps to firm skin while citrus unshiu peel extract reduces dullness and gives skin luminosity. Supposed to leave your skin silky and moisturised.  

How it feels like:

Takes a while to sink into skin, but then it kept my face really well moisturised and balanced through the day. Lessened the mid-day oil slick as well. I used just a small pea-sized dab in the day before makeup, and slightly more at night when I had more time to press it into skin. The recommended method of warming the moisturiser between fingertips then pressing and rolling from the centre of my face outwards definitely helped it to absorb better when compared to just spreading it across with a fingertip.


Photo: Instagram/Jurlique

Overall verdict:

After three weeks of using this trio of products day and night, I received quite a few compliments on my complexion looking more radiant and glowy. It certainly felt better hydrated and comfortable, the dryness around my nose was also gone. My skin tone was noticeably more even, and my skin looked smoother, plumper and fine lines were also lessened.

What I really liked about the gorgeous floral scent of the products was that it made me look forward to applying my skincare mindfully instead of slapping it on thoughtlessly as quickly as I could. It put me in an instantly better mood in the mornings, and felt restful and calming in the evenings.