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Japanese brand ReFa is known for its shiny silver roller devices that you roll and massage over your face and body for skin firming and toning benefits. I particularly love the ReFa Carat Face, a face massage which I recently reviewed here, and guess what? It is still a staple in my skincare routine. Massaging my face with it daily has become a habit for me, and it has yielded visible benefits like firmer skin, so yay!

The brand just dropped a new device, a cleansing brush that has also wowed me.

I personally love the feeling of the thorough cleanse that a brush can give you, be it an electronic brush that spins or vibrates, there’s just something about having bristles sweep over your skin that makes it feel totally spotless.

But the ReFa Clear blew me away for 3 reasons:


#1. It doesn’t just vibrate or spin

At the press of a button, the device produces 3D sonic motion. This means that it produces micro movements both horizontally, vertically so that the bristles give skin the perfect cleanse. That’s not all, it also uses sonic technology to dislodge dirt and debris that’s stuck in every tiny nook of your skin.


#2. Ions are involved

The device also works on the basis that skin contains positive ions while dirt, grime and oil is made up of negative ions. Therefore to deep cleanse the skin, the ReFa Clear is negatively charged, repelling even the dirt deeply embedded in pores so that the brush can sweep it away.


#3. Japanese precision

The brush bristles are from a renowned Japanese brush manufacturer that’s known for its exceptional quality. It has ultrafine bristle tips which conforms to every inch of the skin while maintaining gentle contact. In fact, each bristle tip is reportedly finer than a skin pore so that it affords the best cleanse. The brush is also super soft to gently removes impurities without hurting the skin.


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Road test

Photo: Instagram / refa_mtg

I had been using a manual skin brush from a fairly new-in-town Korean brand, which I already thought felt pretty soft on my face. But the moment the ReFa Clear brush touched my skin, it was clear that this was even softer.

The dense, dome shape of the brush head was designed such that its contact with my skin was controlled to the tip of the brush only, which meant a gentler cleanse, even if I press it a little harder on my skin.

I used the device together with the Refa Cream Cleanser, a facial wash that was created to work with the device. It promised, and delivered, a dense, soft foam that felt like whipped souffle on the skin. Together, these two elevated the experience of washing your face to new heights.

Photo: Instagram / refa_mtg

First I wet my skin, then lather up the Cream Cleanser in my hands and apply the foam to my face. Then I wet the brush of the ReFa Clear and turn it on by pressing the button before massaging it over my face. I go from area to area, from the forehead to the cheeks, then to the nose and chin, in circular motion.The gentle vibration and oscillation is very soothing on the skin and after just a minute with this cleansing duo, my skin feels both invigorated and effectively cleansed. When I apply my toner or softener with a cotton pad, sweeping it over my skin, the cotton pad is always spotless. Not a sign of dirt or grime left. So satisfying.

Unlike other electronic cleansing brushes, which I feel can be too harsh for my skin if used daily, this one was the opposite. It is super gentle and doesn’t tug or scrub my skin raw.

The device has three modes – soft (for a gentle daily cleanse), clean (for days when your skin’s a little more grimey), and deep (for when you want a super thorough cleanse and exfoliation, say, once a week), and it comes with a handy stand to perch the brush on when not in use, plus, the stand also connects to a charger when it needs to be juiced up. Each full charge lasts pretty long, up to two weeks when the device is new.


ReFa Clear, $360; and ReFa Cream Wash, $70 for 150g, available at Takashimaya, TANGS, Robinsons The Heeren and Robinsons Raffles City on 9 March, and across all Sephora stores.


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