Is it me or are we using our digital devices more often in this new normal? While working from home has been great – I do enjoy rolling out of bed minutes before the work day begins, and not having to jostle with peak hour traffic – I find myself working longer hours, which means more time spent in front of my laptop, much of it on Zoom calls.

After a whole day of squinting at my laptop screen, my eyes feel dry and oh-so-tired. Add in my less than eight hours of sleep, and I often wake up with puffy eyes and dark eye circles that make me look like I could be related to the River Safari’s Kai Kai and Jia Jia.   

I know I’m not alone, and it’s one of the reasons why anti-ageing eyecare has become such a popular topic in this default WFH mode. Plus, mask-wear also means that our eyes are the most important features we have for communication when we’re outside. 

All these reasons have made me even more obsessed with anti-ageing eyecare. I’m constantly on the lookout for the best eye serum and gadgets to get my eyes looking youthful. Truth be told, while I love beauty devices, the enthusiasm I start with always dies off after a few times because I get lazy. 

So when Porcelain Skincare announced that it had improved its well-loved RevitalEyes Concentrate to include a built-in device, I was very intrigued. Could this be the anti-ageing eyecare solution I’d been looking for?

Here’s how my eye-awakening journey went… 

Porcelain Skincare RevitalEyes Concentrate, $135

What it is

Packaging wise, the product looks similar to other eyecare products that have ceramic or metal applicators – except that this is leveled up eyecare. It is a two-in-one eye gel with a built-in micro-current and high-frequency micro-vibration massaging device.

It promises to deliver seven benefits: reduce dark circles, firm skin, reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles, increase skin resilience, protect against UV stressors, reduce puffiness, and prime and prep the eye area for bright and youthful-looking eyes. All you need is a minute each time.

Key ingredients 

The formula comprises: 
– Matrixyl to stimulate collagen production and reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles
– Biophytex to strengthen blood vessels and boost microcirculation
– Revitalin® that works with your body’s natural circadian rhythm to protect and repair skin 
– Beautifeye™ complex to firm skin, and reduce dark circles and puffiness
– Niacinamide 5% and Caffeine 5% to protect against free radicals. The concentration of both ingredients is clinically proven to ensure effectiveness in the formula.

Two technologies work with the formula to tone the muscles under the skin and promote collagen production. Over 3,000 high-frequency micro-vibrations boost cellular metabolism, improve circulation and enhance product absorption, while micro-currents work with the body’s natural circulation to transport the active ingredients deep into skin, as well as encourage elasticity repair.

The texture 

The light gel spreads well and absorbs easily. A pea-sized amount is sufficient for both eyes. Plus, I really like how the fragrance-free product doesn’t irritate the senses and is ideal for the delicate eye area. 

What happened when I tried it

On first use: Instant hydration at the eye area

To activate the micro-vibrations and micro-currents, all I have to do is place my fingers on the metal portion of the RevitalEyes Concentrate. I have to keep reminding myself not to place my fingers on the metal portion when squeezing out the eye gel as it triggers the vibrations, which tickles a little. 

The cool metal applicator feels really soothing after a long day of staring at my laptop screen. For best results, instructions say to place the applicator at the inner eye corner, gently glide it towards the outer corner, lift, and go back to the inner corner, repeating this motion a few times.   

Using the metal applicator together with the micro-vibrations seems to make the light gel absorb faster, so I decide to squeeze out a little more serum to help the applicator glide better over the eye area, to prevent any dragging across delicate skin. 

After a minute, my eyes look well-hydrated. But it’s still early days.   

Mid-week: Less tired-looking eyes

My eyes are looking less tired with each passing day. The fine lines under my eyes are less obvious, although eye bags and dark circles are still apparent. 

I’m also getting better at applying the eye gel. My go-to method is to squeeze the gel onto my ring finger, apply that to my eye area, then use the metal applicator to massage the product into my skin. I find that it doesn’t waste the precious gel and makes less of a mess as well. 

One week on: Eyes that look brighter and more awake

With twice daily applications of the RevitalEyes Concentrate, my eyes are looking more “awake”. The metal applicator is really soothing to use – in the mornings, it “wakes up” my eyes; at night, it relieves the day’s fatigue and tension. 

I’ve even started using the metal applicator on its own (without squeezing out any eye gel) during the day. I find that it gives my undereye area a nice acupressure massage, especially when my eyes are feeling particularly tired from all my screen time.

While my dark circles are still there, the puffiness and fine lines are definitely looking less obvious. 

The verdict 

I’m really impressed with this anti-ageing eyecare product. Most of the time, you either get an applicator-type eye cream or an eye device, but never both in one product, which really makes the RevitalEyes Concentrate so versatile to use.

Plus, there is also the option to use the eye gel without the tech, which makes this product suitable for pregnant women and even those with pacemakers or metal implants. Just place your fingers on the packaging, and not on the metal portion, and apply as usual.  

The cool metal applicator is really great when the eyes are feeling really tired, and the eye gel is light yet not too watery, so it doesn’t slip around too much, minimising any mess. 

I appreciate, too, that the active ingredients are able to strengthen the delicate eye area against UV stressors, which in turn makes the skin stronger in withstanding blue light damage. 

So far, it’s been one week in, and the results are good enough that I’m going to continue using it to reap its full benefits.  

Porcelain Skincare RevitalEyes Concentrate is available at Porcelain Spas and

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