When choosing a lipstick, its colour, texture and finish are among the consideration factors that first come to mind. But how you apply the lipstick is also important – thicker lipstick bullets and chubby crayons make it easier to fill in your lips; thinner lipstick bullets and crayons give you better control and definition; and liquid lipsticks come with applicators that make it easier to line your lips. 

If you’re someone who finds it hard to line your lips, regardless of what type of lip product you use, YSL Beaute’s new Tatouage Couture Matte Stain just might be your new favourite liquid lipstick. It doesn’t come with the usual rabbit’s-foot sponge-tipped applicator. Instead, it has an plastic applicator with a bevelled flat head set at an angle that gives you absolute control over the application process. That means sharp lines, a defined Cupid’s bow, and clearly filled-in outer corners.

The pigments are intense so you get great colour payoff – just one layer covers the entire lip nicely. The colour fades just slightly to a subtle stain after eating, drinking, talking and kissing. It’s available in 18 shades, at $55 each.




Our verdicts

“The unique shape of the applicator makes applying this liquid lipstick very easy and intuitive. Just take note that the colour you see from outside the bottle isn’t true-to-colour because of the thick frosted glass exterior. The stain that appears on your lips tends to be deeper and more vibrant. My favourite shades are #8 Black Red Code (because I love deep wine reds) and #16 Nude Emblem (because it gives me a bright but natural blush). On days when I want a change of colour, I mix the two for a pretty cherry pink hue.” – Dione, beauty writer


From left: YSL Beaute Tatouage Couture Matte Stain in #8 Black Red Code, #16 Nude Emblem & #9 Grenat No-Rules

“This applicator is an upgrade from the brand’s popular Vinyl Cream Lip Stain as it’s more intuitive to use – I don’t have to twist my hand to get a clean application at the corners of my lips, and it’s as easy as using a lip liner to define the shape of my lips. Formula-wise, the Tatouage Couture Matte Stain retains everything I love about YSL Beaute lipsticks – it dries quickly to a comfortable second-skin finish, gives a matte finish that doesn’t emphasise my lip lines and doesn’t feather even with my habit of sipping water throughout my work day although it does transfer. My favourite shades: #9 Grenat No-Rules, a red that’s in between a wine red and a classic red lip, and #16 Nude Emblem, a brown-pink that’s really flattering on people with fairer skin tones like Dione and me.” – Kayce, beauty writer


A version of this article appeared in the January 2018 issue of Her World magazine.