I’ve seen and tried my fair share of beauty gadgets over the years. Some, I’m genuinely excited about, while others seem more like a passing fad.

Now, I know that Foreo is well-known for its beauty devices. And I’ve tried some of them, like the Luna facial cleansing devices and the Iris eye massager. But I’ve never tried its UFO smart mask device. 

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I’m a fan of masking – facial sheet masks to be exact. So I wasn’t too sure how a smart masking device such as the Foreo UFO 2 would work. I mean, part of using a facial mask is also to enjoy the 20-minute downtime it comes with, right? 

Then again, I’m also a beauty-obsessed person who uses a sheet mask every day. And I’ve seen the results from doing this: my complexion is soft, supple and there’s a subtle, healthy-looking glow. 

However, it was intriguing to learn that it’s possible to cut down my daily masking time to under two minutes while also making the mask work a little harder. So when the opportunity came to try the new Foreo UFO 2, I was all for it, and here’s how it went: 

Foreo UFO 2, $428

What it is

Foreo UFO 2

An upgrade of the earlier UFO smart masking device, the UFO 2 uses advanced tech to boost the effects of your facial masks, giving you a mini facial treatment in minutes. 

While it offers the same tech as the original (hyper-infusion, thermo and cryo therapies, and T-sonic pulsations), it now comes with the full spectrum of LED light options. Each light wavelength offers different qualities that help activate the key ingredients in your masks. 

Adding to the existing red, green and blue LED light therapies are five new light wavelengths. 

White: to tone and tighten skin to reduce puffiness and activate skin’s natural renewal processes
Yellow: to soothe skin sensitivity and improve overall skin tone
Purple: to eliminate toxins, boost radiance and accelerate healing
Orange: to treat sun damage and revitalise the skin
Cyan: to calm stressed skin while promoting skin healing

You can use the updated UFO 2 with both the pre-approved Foreo masks and your favourite sheet masks. The device also comes with ultra-fast heating, which helps the active ingredients from the mask infuse deeper into the skin. 

The results 

Foreo UFO 2

There are two ways to use the device. You can follow the pre-programmed routines on the Foreo app, or you can customise your own routine in the settings by changing the duration, LED light and temperature (thermo or cryo therapy), depending on your skin needs. 

But first, you have to download the Foreo app (available on both Apple or Google Play stores). 

I decided to start easy and go with one of the pre-programmed settings using the UFO Power Activated Make My Day Mask. Technically, you don’t need to use the app if you’re using a pre-set programme, but it’s helpful as it gives instructions on how to maximise the effects of your session. 

The mask is like any facial sheet mask, only that it is circular in shape, and fits perfectly onto the palm-sized device. It is quite wet, which I take as a good sign since it’s not only infused with goodness but will also help the UFO 2 glide easily over my skin. 

After pressing the start button, I’m off. 

It was quite interesting to feel the temperature switch from warm to cool. I was expecting there to be a larger contrast between the two, but the sensation is more lukewarm to air-con cool, than height-of-summer to mid-winter. And there was a change in LED lights used that seemed linked to the programme’s temperature settings. I appreciated this as I felt it was truly enhancing the benefits of the mask. 

And if you’re wondering if the LED lights are too glaring for your eyes, not to worry – while they’re bright, they’re not blindingly so, which makes the session really comfortable. 

When the session was over, I noticed that my skin had just a slight flush, which subsided after a few minutes. I follow on with my usual morning skincare – serum, eye cream, moisturiser and sunscreen. 

I’m not a morning masking kind of person, but using the device and the Make My Day mask was a nice treat. It also really helped my skin stay more hydrated during the day, and even my BB cream went on more easily and didn’t disappear as quickly by lunchtime.  

But perhaps my favourite thing about the UFO 2 is that I can use it with my own stash of facial sheet masks.

According to the instructions, the advanced temperature control allows me to choose the temperature setting, which in turn offers the ultimate in customisation. And it’s really nifty as I can adjust the temperature according to my sheet mask’s thickness and absorbency levels. 

I decided to try this out with a hydrating and soothing mask after a particularly hot day. I opted for a 90-second session with purple LED light to boost radiance and healing, along with cryo-therapy to soothe the skin. I placed my sheet mask across my face as I normally would, then glided the UFO 2 over the mask. 

While it was extremely soothing and my skin was very thankful for it, it was a little messy and my mask was slipping a little from all the gliding. I might consider cutting my mask up to fit the device better, next time.

Our verdict 

Foreo UFO 2

I can see how addictive using the Foreo UFO 2 can be. 

I love my sheet masks, but there are some nights when I’m so tired that I can’t be bothered to do a whole 15 minutes of just lying on my bed, trying not to fall asleep, waiting for all the goodness to be absorbed. 

The UFO 2 really makes masking and self-care so much more convenient. All it takes is less than two minutes, and I’m done. And because it’s so quick, masking in the morning is just as easy, and very doable too.

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While the device does need to be charged, it isn’t that much of a hassle as one charge can last about two to three weeks, and this is with daily usage. If you use it less often, then you might even get away with charging the device once a month. 

The Foreo UFO 2 comes in three shades – pearl pink, fuchsia and mint – and is available at Sephora stores, Tangs at Tang Plaza, Sephora.sg, Tangs.com and the Foreo official store on Lazada.sg