AprilSkin Relaxing Cooling Stick

Photo: Aprilskin / Instagram

There’s nothing new to giving our face the cold treatment – there are loads of viral Instagram videos showcasing how people get creative with bringing the chills to their faces. From the Korean jamsu “hack” to the frozen light bulb massage, applying ‘chill’ to the face has multiple benefits. Which is why the AprilSkin Relaxing Cooling Stick fits right into our skincare regime. 


What is it?

The cooling stick is a contraction that meant to be chilled, and then massaged over your face and/or body.

According to AprilSkin, the aluminum surface of the cooling stick helps to reduce puffiness, especially the areas around the eyes and cheeks. The cold also constricts pores for better makeup application.

Use the stick by itself for a comfortable chill, or after taking it out from the freezer for an extra shot of cold. (Fret not, there’s a max cooling temperature that the metal will be chilled to – nothing that’ll give you frostbites.)

How do I use it?


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It’s really quite fool-proof. The ergonomic design of the stick allows users to comfortably grip on to the handle as you massage the planes and nooks of your face. There isn’t an optimal time of day to use the stick; whenever you feel like a massage is in place, simply start gliding the device over your face in circular motions.

You may ask then, why not just DIY a cold massage by using ice cubes wrapped in gauze, or using a frozen metal spoon? Truthfully, you can – since the concept works just the same as the cooling stick. But AprilSkin’s version provides a more comfortable experience with its design.

The cooling stick has a wide surface area – as wide as your cheek – that easily covers ground as you massage your face. There are no sharp edges to the device, so you can glide it all over your face in eye, even on the eye area.

How is it useful in my skincare regime?


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The wide surface area of the product helps to maximise the application of skincare products for them to penetrate your skin evenly and effectively. The cold constricts blood vessels, creating a “pulling” effect that helps products sink in deeper. So as you massage the cold surface on your moisturiser or overnight mask, you are actually helping the products absorb better.

It’s also especially useful for folk with red, sensitive skin or painful acne – the cooling stick will help calm things down and reduce redness and swelling.

An angry hormonal pimple popped up along my jawline the day I got this product, which made it all the better to test its efficacy. I put the cooling stick in the freezer for about three hours, and used it to massage the blemish after applying salicylic acid and serum on.

The cold was very welcoming. I massaged the spot for a good 10 minutes, and the swell was significantly reduced. The pimple wasn’t as red as when it first appeared due to the constriction of blood vessels. I massaged my face after moisturiser too. The wide surface area of the stick made it especially easy to cover large surfaces quickly.  

Checked my skin after another 10 minutes – pores were smaller, and skin felt firmer.

I tried the cooling stick the following morning as well. The stick fits snugly in the eye area, so the cold was able to de-puff and brighten tired eyes. I ran the metal surface over my cheeks too, which had the largest pores. Just like the night before, the pores became visibly smaller. My makeup glided on slightly better than usual, too.

And because our body reacts to the dip in temperature, the cold helps to jumpstart a healthy flush because of the increase in blood circulation around the face. The glow-from-within doesn’t get any more natural than this.

AprilSkin Relaxing Cooling Stick, $31, available at selected Guardian stores.