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Antioxidants have been a big buzzword in the health and beauty spheres for the past decade.

Skincare with antioxidant ingredients are said to be the best age-fighters and skin protectors around, and healthy diets must include antioxidant-rich foods. But there are so many antioxidant ingredients out there… For skincare, there’s vitamin C, botanical extracts like acai and green tea, and even synthetic antioxidants like idebenone. And antioxidant food sources which include a whole host of fruits, nuts, vegetables and meat.

And beauty and healthcare brands seem to be perpetually pitting their key antioxidant ingredient against all the others, with taglines like “50 times more antioxidants than green tea”, or “Double the antioxidant efficacy compared to vitamin E”, so it’s no surprise that we don’t know what’s the best way to get our dose of antioxidants.


This is the most powerful antioxidant available now

Dr Vincent Candrawanata, the founder of Renovatio. Photo: Instagram / Renovatiobio

A new antioxidant brand on the market aims to solve this uncertainty. Renovatio (meaning ‘new life’ or ‘renewal’ in Latin) is a three product line that is said to harness the most powerful and effective antioxidants for good health and skin. The three products in the line are two supplements, one in tablet and the other in powder form that you consume, and a topical cream for the skin.

The type of antioxidant in Renovatio is termed as Activated Phenolics, and is scientifically proven to be possibly the world’s most potent and bioavailable (meaning that it can be absorbed and used by the human body) antioxidant. Renovatio’s activated phenolics is extracted entirely from Australian apples by using only pure water, a breakthrough technique pioneered by the brand’s founder Dr Vincent Candrawanata, in collaboration with Australia’s University of Newcastle.

Prior to this trademarked method, antioxidant supplements have been created synthetically in a lab environment or extracted from natural foods using Chemicals and acids. Both these older methods make antioxidant supplements difficult for the body to break down and absorb.


Just how powerful is activated phenolics?

Photo: Instagram / Renovatiobio

According to Dr Vincent, one teaspoon of activated phenolics has the concentrated antioxidant benefits of eating 20 whole apples.

It is also proven to be over 12 times more powerful than regular antioxidants. “Renovatio is the only dietary antioxidant product to have a 90 percent absorption rate in the body, thanks to its high level of bio-availability. Whereas other antioxidant products on the market have been proven to have less than 3 percent absorption rate in the body, due to their traditional chemical-heavy extraction process,” says Dr Vincent. So most of it gets passed out of your body in the end… and that’s why some people say that when you take dietary supplements and vitamins, you’re only making expensive urine.




I tried activated phenolics and this is what happened

Photo: Instagram / Renovatiobio

I started taking the Activated Phenolics Powder three weeks ago. Every morning I would add a teaspoon of the powder to a quarter glass of water, stir it in and gulp it down. It tastes like diluted apple juice and isn’t difficult to drink at all. Within the first three days, I felt more energetic during the day, which is a great thing given that I’m in the second trimester of my pregnancy and was feeling perpetually tired.

The supplement is said to boost energy levels as it fights free radical attacks on the cells, cancelling out the effects of pollution and damage. I found that I could power through the work day on most days when previously I struggled with fatigue. Oh yes, Dr Vincent says that the supplement is safe for anyone to take, including babies, pregnant women and elderly.

I also used the APSKIN Face Cream as my daily moisturiser. It has a light, creamy texture and it leaves my skin balanced and comfortable. Works as well as any moisturising lotion or cream I have in my skincare arsenal. I think when I combined the skincare and the oral supplement, I got the best recipe for glowing skin. My complexion is smoother and the skin texture is also more refined. I was not immune to occasional pimples (I blame the pregnancy hormones) but my skin did clear up faster. All in all, I would say that I will continue using Renovatio’s activated phenolics for overall well-being as I do feel healthier for taking and using it.


Renovatio APSKIN Face Cream, $49 for 100ml; An Apple A Day Activated Phenolics Tablets, $42 for 30 tablets; and Activated Phenolics Powder, $72 for 280g, available online at and at healthcare retailers including Supernature, That Health Shop, Glory Bee and Nutrimax Organic.