WHAT: ‘Beat The Stress’ aesthetic programme, $790 (for face) and $990 (for face and neck)

Part of EstheClinic’s Urban Skin Remedies aesthetic treatment range that’s recently created to deal with skin concerns commonly faced by busy urbanites, ‘Beat The Stress’ is a combination of LED and IPL therapies, and the salon’s in-house cosmeceutical line, Eladerm targeted to treat acne breakouts, oily skin conditions and clogged pores due to tropical climate, daily stresses and frequent travel.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) rejuvenation therapy

It starts off with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy that’s said to lighten pigmentation, restore glow and shrink pores by prompting the skin to create new cells to heal itself, followed by LED Photomodulation treatment to painlessly eliminate acne-causing bacteria on the skin, balance sebum production and calm post-IPL skin.

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An optional chargeable add-on to consider is micro-needling, performed using the Eladerm Le DermaBooster before LED, to increase the penetration of the Eladerm CosmeLED serum and of the LED light while activating skin’s repairing process and metabolism.

LED Photomodulation treatment

VERDICT: “My skin had begun to show signs of distress in the form of isolated breakouts, blackheads, uneven skin tone (my forehead and the area near my hairline is visibly darker than the rest of my face) and rough texture, having just spent eight days in the insanely hot and humid Japanese summer.

I relayed this detail to my therapist during the skin consultation that would determine which programme is best suited for my skin, and I was prescribed the ‘Beat the Stress’ programme with a total of four sessions to treat all my skin troubles and rejuvenate my complexion.

There was no extraction involved; all I needed to do was to complete two IPL therapies and four LED treatments in no more than one hour per session over a span of two weeks – it’s recommended to complete the course no later than three weeks for best results.

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By the third session, I could see that the acne was visibly reduced and my skin texture has improved; after my last session, I also noticed that my skin tone is more even. I was a bit nervous when I was told that there would be micro-needling involved but my fear was unfounded as the pain was very mild (granted, I have a very high pain threshold) and felt more like a cat licking my face (minus all the saliva, of course).

There was almost zero downtime for me, as I walked out of the salon post-treatment easily without any visible redness or signs of irritation on my skin. By the end of my programme, I was given the Le DermaBooster device to take home with me and advised by Manon Allano, managing director of EstheClinic Singapore, to use weekly as part of my at-home skincare routine. Two months after, my skin is still noticeably even-toned and even my hormonal breakouts are substantially under control.”

WHERE: EstheClinic Tanjong Pagar, 72 Tras Street, tel: 6221-4797. To learn more about the Urban Skin Remedies suite of aesthetic treatments, visit www.estheclinic.com.sg.


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All photos are courtesy of Estheclinic Singapore.